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Tales from the Mark Side: Lies so big even the liberal media are reporting them

By Mark Young


I come to you with great news!

We had several exciting announcements from the White House this week to include that the U.S. southern border is once again secure and that the flow of fentanyl is being stopped!

Hurray! Except it’s a lie. Boo!

Democrats keep saying they “inherited” a broken immigration system. Except we all know that under Trump, illegal immigration was at historic lows, as was the flow of illegal drugs.

So the democrats inherited a system that was finally working and then smashed it all to hell. And they just keep lying about it.

But at least Biden is directly involved with avoiding a railroad worker strike that will tank what’s left of our economy, except Biden says he isn’t involved, but the White House said three times that he is involved.

Umm … hurray? I’m not sure which way to lean there.

Wait … didn’t he tell us before the midterms that he had already resolved the potential railroad strike? Well, he sure did. He even took credit for it. You don’t think Biden lied to us do you?

And I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Biden gives so much love – and our money – to Amtrak, which has been losing money as a private business for years. I’m sure the freight train industry and power players like CSX and Union Pacific don’t have any hard feelings about all those millions of taxpayer dollars going to Amtrak while they still work for a living.

And if you remember, it’s exactly why Trump wanted to stop giving taxpayer bailouts to Amtrak, which Biden renewed as soon as he took office. All because of what? Because that guy that slapped him on the shoulder and informed Biden that he had traveled over a million miles?

Oh wait, that guy doesn’t exist either. Or maybe that guy was in the semi truck Biden said he drove but never did. Or maybe that guy is out hunting the turkeys in Delaware that Biden said didn’t exist.

Has this guy ever been to his alleged home state? It only took one search for me to learn that wild turkeys can be seen in Delaware year round. 

But hey, at least Biden announced a huge increase in Social Security payments, except his announcement was deleted by the White House because it’s not true.

We can be comforted though, because Biden announced – yet again – that the student loan forgiveness is “passed,” and in effect, except neither one is true.

Biden also said he finally confronted China on the origins of COVID and human rights issues, except he didn’t. Even China called him a liar.

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when the only person China can be believed over is our president. Well … not our president. We certainly would never claim this guy.

It will never cease to amaze me not that democratic politicians lie so often, but that average Americans who call themselves democrats believe the lies.

Is half our country really that gullible? I keep thinking it’s getting better. That more people are awakening from their sleep and seeing the world around them, but history isn’t our side.

When the Germans sank the SS Athenia, a civilian cruise liner in the fall of 1939, global condemnation was quick. But Nazi propaganda master Joseph Goebbels quickly released a statement that Germany had nothing to do with it. Goebbels said British intelligence did it to blame Germany.

Now that’s not surprising right? What’s surprising is that half of America bought the lie. “Oh, well if Joseph Goebbels said it, it must be true.”

And the liberal movement to stop America from aiding the United Kingdom with supplies and resources renewed.

These are the same liberals mind you that insisted that negotiating and essentially capitulating to the Japanese would prevent Japan from attacking America. We know how that worked out.

Truth be told, you can go back a long way into America’s history and see how liberals were within political inches of destroying America as we know it today.

It was the democrats who violently opposed Lincoln declaring war on the south to keep the union together. But of course that makes sense, since it was the democrats who supported slavery. One hundred years later, 61% of democrats voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Have they really changed? Of course not. If it were up to democrats, there would be a USA and a CSA. If it were up to democrats, people of color would still be secondary citizens. If it were up to democrats, we’d be speaking either German or Japanese.

And if we leave the future up to democrats, we’ll likely be speaking Chinese.

The problem with your average American democrat isn’t just the fact that they are ignorant, uninformed and swallow liberal lies whole.

The real problem with your average democrat is that one day they just decided to “register” themselves as a democrat. It became a game for them. It was Red vs. Blue.

Every election cycle has become like every Sunday in the NFL. Democrats slip on their blue jerseys and they continue to think this is a game. They believe it is just a friendly game with bragging rights at stake.

“Yay, we beat you Republicans,” they say. No, when democrats win, we all lose.

They simply don’t understand that they stand on the wrong side of history. They made the decision to be a democrat and found no reason to explore reality beyond that.

Democrats have almost destroyed this country on several occasions. It’s a fact. It’s history. It’s not disputable.

But I don’t believe every democrat is on the side of evil. They just don’t seem to know any better. So yes, despite the lackluster performance in the midterms, I do believe many American democrats are waking up.

There were signs of that in the midterms despite the absence of a red wave. Republicans flipped several seats within districts in deep blue states like California, Oregon and New York.

The Save America movement is underway. The only question is will it be too little, too late.

That’s our battle my fellow Patriots. We must pick up the pace. We must stay vigilant, stay aware and we must battle the liberal media lies by staying informed.

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