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Mayor Gene Brown: A Visionary Leader

Bradenton Mayor Gene Brown has kept a fast pace during his first term as Mayor. Brown has always been a person busy with numerous charitable projects and he has continued juggling many issues with the City of Bradenton. While others may want to take a leisurely stroll, Brown is pushing forward at a fast pace to move the city to a new level of excellence. 

Mayor Brown will be swearing in 2 new City Council members on January 3rd. This will usher in a new era on the City Council which promises to be much calmer without the constant fireworks that made Council meetings unbearable. Brown is confident that new members Josh Cramer and Lisa Gonzalez Moore will make a smooth transition to the Council. 

Mayor Gene Brown

The biggest issue or opportunity, if you ask Brown, is the potential sale and relocation of Bradenton’s City Hall and Police Department properties. For years, members of the public have asserted that the downtown riverfront property was not the appropriate location for a government building. Members of the public have argued that the present City Hall location was more appropriate for residential and commercial developments that would bring more residents and tax revenue into the city. 

Mayor Brown says there are a lot of moving parts to this whole process. A number of sites have been mentioned for a new City Hall and Police Department. Potential locations that have been mentioned are on 14th Street West, 9th Street West and 1st Street West. Brown says that it is essential that the new location will be on a downtown corridor for the convenience of city residents. Early in 2023, an immersive public education campaign will solicit comments and input about the proposed project from residents in each city ward. 

Brown is excited about the workforce housing projects that are underway in the city: The Met on 14th Street West, 920 Manatee in the heart of downtown at Manatee and 10th Street West, The Promenade at Riverwalk and Riverview6 which is also downtown. Brown realizes that workforce housing is essential for the city’s future.

Mayor Brown was pleased with the recent “Good Morning Bradenton” show that was produced by WFTS (ABC Tampa Bay) and broadcast live from Pier 22 restaurant. The show produced pre-taped segments on the Riverwalk, Village of the Arts, Realize Bradenton, The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature, ArtCenterManatee and more. James Tully, the show host, conducted live interviews with Mayor Brown and City Administrator Rob Perry. Pre-taped segments can be viewed at www.abcactionnews.com/bradenton and the live interviews have been added to the City of Bradenton YouTube channel.

The City of Bradenton was ready for younger leadership when Gene Brown was elected to the Mayor’s Office. Brown has rewarded the  public’s confidence in him by his laser focus on upgrading city services and expanding the tax base. Public and private development is thriving and Mayor Brown is watching to be sure that the City’s growth will be smart and responsible.

Bob Spencer
Bob Spencer, Publisher

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