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Republicans Control the US House

Eight days after the election we have finally determined that Republicans will control the US House of Representatives. It is puzzling how long it takes California to count votes. 

Having control of the House is so important for the Republican agenda. Now we can begin to hold the Biden administration accountable for its actions. In the past it was the job of the national press to hold the government accountable for its actions. Today that only occurs when a Republican administration occupies the White House. 

The national press has no interest in digging into the failures of the Biden administration. Remember all the leaks that occurred against the Trump administration? Repeatedly we were offered transcripts of Trump’s private conversations with foreign leaders. Remember Bob Woodwards’s behind the scenes revelations of the Trump Presidency?

Why have there been no leaks of Biden’s phone calls with foreign leaders? He can barely speak. Is it because the recordings are unintelligible? No! The national press is going out of its way to protect Biden because they like his policies. 

The Republicans in the House will have to fill the void. Several select committees will need to be established to investigate various  issues. An investigation into the FTX scandal will be needed to determine how much investor money was stolen and contributed to Democratic politicians. Imagine if the founder of FTX was a Republican and had contributed the same amount of money to Republican politicians. Remember Ken Lay and Enron? The national press hounded Ken Lay and scores of reporters were turned loose on his company. Today the national press still writes glowingly about the FTX founder even though he has swindled many investors. They protect him because he is a Democrat. The Republicans in the house will need to investigate this matter. 

The Republicans will have to focus on slowing down the growth of government by controlling the purse strings. All budget measures originate in the House of Representatives. The Republicans will need to put a brake on the excessive spending and shine a light on the money the Biden administration gives to “charitable organizations” that focus on registering Democratic voters. 

Another investigation may be warranted into Dr. Fauci’s actions in attempting to silence the voices of those who questioned his behavior during the Covid crisis. His actions mimicked the behavior of the Chinese government as they silenced dissent and suppressed free speech. As a country, we look back in shame at the internment of US citizens of Japanese descent during World War II. Fauci’s actions were similar and should be exposed in order to prevent it from reoccurring in the future. 

The primary focus should not be on exacting retribution against the Democrats but rather the focus should be on passing common sense legislation that will protect the American taxpayers. This will not be easy  because the national press will attempt to throw cold water on any attempts to reduce spending. 

The national press will also attempt to put the spotlight on the more radical members of the Republican caucus. The new Speaker of the House will need to maintain party discipline and keep the focus on common sense legislation that stops uncontrolled government spending.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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