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Tales from the Mark Side: Democracy isn’t on the ballot Joe. The ballot is ‘democracy’.

By Mark Young


Like everything the liberals do these days, this ridiculous narrative that democracy is on the ballot – and that democracy will be destroyed if Republicans are elected – is hilarious and unnerving at the same time.

But hear me out, because there is some accuracy to what liberals are saying. It’s just that, as usual, they are distorting the truth.

So before we address this latest liberal lie, let’s clear up the difference between a democracy and what America actually is – a Constitutional Republic.

Both types of government use the representational system where citizens vote. Though elected, the representatives within a democracy still have the power to restrict the rights of the people and is a government capable of imposing their will – not the people’s will.

So if you are one of many people who talk about democracy in some social media thread and someone like me pipes in with the fact that we aren’t a democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic, there is a very important reason to pay attention to that basic fact.

Our Constitution protects the “inalienable rights” of the American people, which essentially means that the people have the power over the government, not the other way around.

Our Constitution protects our rights from the government.

It is our Constitution that is the difference between a democracy and a Republic.

As you know, I have brought up the Socialist playbook of Stalin and Hitler a few times during our visits. I was quite happy to see our future Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy speak these basic truths at a recent event I attended with former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and our very own Congressman Vern Buchanan.

McCarthy reminded me that both Hitler and Stalin were elected under a democratic system but because neither Germany or Russia had the protections of a Constitution like we do, were able to use their democratic powers to slowly strip away the rights of their citizens.

Each purged their political enemies, oppressed their citizens and seized dictatorship power.

Ironically – and comically – the democrats bring up this same argument. They say today’s Republicans are the Nazis and the fascists and I recently heard South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn say the current political environment reminds him of 1939 Germany.

It’s ironic, comical and disturbing because Clyburn is right, except he’s actually talking about his own party. Page one of the democrat playbook is to say Republicans are doing what democrats are actually doing.

So more often than not, listen to democrats. They blame, but are actually confessing.

Essentially, it’s why we distinguish ourselves as democrats and Republicans. Democrats want us to be a democracy because they crave power over the people.

Republicans, on the other hand, understand that the Constitution protects us from an abuse of political power that is possible under a democratic system without the protections of the Constitution.

It’s exactly why democrats believe that the Constitution should be a transitional document. They believe it is outdated and should be abolished or changed to their advantage.

And it’s exactly why we Republicans fight so hard to ensure that the Constitution is protected and understand that it is the building block of this great nation. We fight to protect the Constitution because the Constitution protects us.

So here’s the irony of this whole narrative being pushed by the liberals. Joe Biden and his horde of liberal zombies are actually somewhat right when they say democracy is at stake.

It’s just not a factual representation of what he really means. First of all, the ballot itself is democracy. What happens after those ballots are cast, protects we the people under our Constitutional rights.

So this last minute push by the liberals to say we won’t have a democracy if Republicans are elected is actually true. We’ll have a Constitutional Republic as our Founding Fathers intended.

Our Founding Fathers were absolutely brilliant in how they foresaw any and every potential problem that could arise within an administration like the one we have now. They inserted every possible protection for the American people.

Without these Constitutional protections, democrats would have seized power long ago and the vision of America would have been long dead.

And yet, despite these protections, democrats still try to skirt our Constitutional protections at every turn. We saw an example of that during the pandemic. Fortunately, they have largely been stopped from seizing full power, but unfortunately, their constant Constitutional violations have had no accountability.

It’s another reason why democrats are outraged over the Conservative majority on the Supreme Court. If liberals ever get a super majority on the Court, our Constitutional protections will become a target for any liberal government in control.

So no Joe, democracy is not at stake in the way you mean it as a scare tactic. But yes, democracy is at stake in the way democrats want more power over the population.

Republicans are here to stop that. Republicans are here to protect your rights. Republicans are here to ensure your freedom exists.

It really comes down to that simple argument. In reality we don’t even need to point out the strong movement by the left toward Socialism. They need this country to be a democracy to succeed in doing just that.

This country is not in danger of losing its representative system, which a democracy and Republic have in common. The fact that you get to fill out a ballot means that “democracy” and the principles of being a Republic are well intact.

What is in danger from the left is our Constitution and the protections it affords to us all.

So what is the next step for Republicans? Sadly, we have not done a good enough job over the years in making sure our elected representatives are acting on behalf of our Republic instead of a democracy.

The Bush’s for example, were fine Republican presidents and we’ve had a number of fine Republican representatives. They did a lot for democracy, but not enough for the Republic.

In my lifetime, there have been two presidents who fought for the Republic. Ronald Reagan and Donald J. Trump.

Future President Ron DeSantis also is a true Republican who will fight for our Republic whenever he is elected.

Our state representatives in Manatee County are true Republic fighters. Our congressional representatives Greg Steube and Vern Buchanan are Constitutional Republic Republicans.

The next Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is a Constitutional Republic Republican.

It is the reason why I am so hopeful for the future of this country because we finally have an overwhelming number of true Republicans ready to take the helm of this country.

Our job after Nov. 8 and into the future is to find and elect more of these true Republicans to local, state and national offices, and then to hold them accountable and ensure they do their first priority job in protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States of America.

It’s the heart of the oath they take when elected. They swear to God that they will “support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

How many of them really fulfill that oath? How many actually violate that oath?

It’s an oath I took and by God, it’s an oath that doesn’t expire until I do.

We can do that job because we are a Constitutional Republic. If we were a democracy, we could easily lose the power to do that job.

Remember a couple of key points. Hitler and Stalin were able to transform their nations from a democracy to a dictatorship because they both controlled the media, told lies and manipulated the narrative.

They both began the indoctrination process within their educational systems. Once those things were achieved, it was an easy next step to launch a violent and bloody path to power.

If you don’t believe that is the same game today’s democrats are playing, you aren’t paying attention. So to say that this election – and every single election after – isn’t the most important election of our time is a failure to understand the reality before you.

I am so looking forward to our next visit where we can talk about our local and national victories at the ballot box. Until then my fellow Patriots, stay vigilant, stay aware and please stay informed.

After Tuesday, this fight is far from over. God bless America.

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