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DeSantis: The Obvious Choice

Florida’s Gubernatorial election presents voters with a distinct choice between Ron DeSantis and Charlie Crist. Ron DeSantis grew up in Florida and attended Yale University and Harvard Law School. DeSantis joined the US Navy in 2004 and was promoted to lieutenant  before serving as an advisor to Seal Team One. DeSantis served in Iraq and then served as a Special Assistant US Attorney in the Middle District of Florida. He later served as a US Congressman from the Jacksonville area. He was elected Governor of Florida in 2018. 

DeSantis is a well educated and well read person. His wife recently recounted how he stays up at night reading research papers on all the issues he must decide. He doesn’t rely on others to do the research, he does it himself. 

When DeSantis took over the Governor’s office he did not become a blank check for the Republican legislature. He researched issues and vetoed spending projects that he felt were not in the best interests of the taxpayers.

The emergence of Covid-19 in early 2020 presented DeSantis with a complex health issue that soon became polarized in the political arena. DeSantis began to research the issue and soon realized that Covid had a serious impact on the elderly but was not as serious for those under 60 years of age. He decided to protect the elderly in nursing homes by keeping them isolated until a vaccine was available. He decided to open up the economy for the younger generations in order to prevent an economic tsunami. His refusal to endorse a continued economic shutdown like many northeastern governors made him a punching bag for the mainstream media and the late night TV hosts. 

Immediately he was public enemy number 1 and he was criticized by Charlie Crist and President Biden. He did not cave to the popular public  opinion and he saved the Florida economy. Eventually, DeSantis was proven correct as Florida’s economy flourished with Covid deaths lower than the northeastern states whose economies collapsed. Americans voted with their feet and moving vans by streaming to Florida from California, New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Illinois. (Governor Pritzker of Illinois, who enacted draconian measures similar to China had his family move to Florida for an escape.)

 Another example of his willingness to lead has been his actions in removing from office public officials who have failed in their duties. Most former Governors just ignore such situations but DeSants has acted to protect the citizens from incompetent or negligent public officials. 

DeSantis has also acted to expose President Biden’s disastrous policy concerning our Mexican border. For reasons only John Fetterman could understand, Biden has allowed our southern border to be wide open. The public is mystified as to why, but migrants continue to cross into our country without any significant consequences. Hard working American citizens are punished as these additional workers help depress their wages.

 DeSantis exposed the hypocrisy of Biden’s actions by flying these border crossers to “sanctuary cities.” It was amazing to watch these liberal Americans join together to remove these illegal aliens from their “sanctuary cities.” DeSantis chose an offbeat way to expose the ludicrous policy of the Biden administration. 

DeSantis has also given America’s youth a great example of how a husband treats his wife. He stepped in and gave her comfort and support as she battled cancer. He set a great example for millions of American young men who have no father in their life.

Opposing DeSantis you have Charlie Crist. Charlie never met an issue on which he could not take both sides. If Crist had been alive during the Civil War, southerners would have thought he was a rebel and northerners would have thought he was a Yankee. He is the  opposite of the example we wish to show our younger generation. 

If you vote for Crist, you are just making a political statement because the experience and competence of Governor Ron DeSantis will cause anyone with an IQ above 75 to pull the lever for DeSantis. 

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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