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Fusilly’s Kitchen is a Bradenton Treasure

Fusilly’s Kitchen is a wonderful Italian dining establishment in downtown Bradenton. Fusilly’s is located at 606 Manatee Avenue West in the first floor of what years ago was Miller Furniture. The restaurant recently expanded its kitchen and dining area.

As one walks in the door of Fusilly’s they are enveloped with the personality of the proprietor: Rocco Mosca. Rocco’s booming voice broadcasts his upbeat charisma throughout the restaurant. Originally from Cranston, Rhode Island, Rocco has been in Bradenton for three years. 

Rocco describes himself as “happy every day I touch the ground.” He has extensive experience in the deli industry and his guiding mantra is “service, service, service.” Rocco and his partner, Mike Sekelski, believe a family atmosphere is important for any restaurant. Rocco says many patrons tell him they feel they are at home in their own kitchen when they dine at Fusilly’s.

The house salad is a wonderful starter for dinner. It combines tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, chopped salad, onions and a special vinaigrette dressing. Rocco calls it his Federal Hill dressing in homage to his old stomping grounds. The garlic bread with cheese has a thick marinara sauce that will bring back memories of trips to Italy.

The veal Saltimbocca is sauteed in garlic butter and white wine. It is mouth watering.

One of Fusilly’s specialties is the cheese wheel. The Grana Padano cheese wheel is brought tableside and your choice of pasta is cooked and placed in the cheese wheel. The cheese envelopes the pasta and your choice of protein is added to the pasta. You will not forget the experience of the cheese wheel.

Grana Padano Cheese Wheel

The menu offers many exciting choices such as  a seafood bowl and lobster ravioli. Tomahawk ribeyes will be served on weekends. Pizza is also available.

Fusilly’s Kitchen is the epitome of a hometown restaurant. It is a Bradenton treasure that will always lure you back.

The menu and reservations are available online.

Bob Spencer
Bob Spencer, Publisher

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