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Van Ostenbridge and Governor DeSantis Are Showing Leadership During Hurricane Ian

As Hurricane Ian wanders into the Gulf of Mexico, Florida officials and
Manatee County officials are prepared for the worst. Manatee County
Commission Chairman Kevin Van Ostenbridge praised the efforts of
Governor Ron DeSantis in making sure all state departments are helping
Floridians prepare for the storm and its potential aftermath. “The Governor
has been tirelessly working to make sure the public takes this storm
Van Ostenbridge said that hurricane preparation is a year round job for
Manatee County employees. Van Ostenbridge praised the work of
Emergency Management Chief Steve Litschauer in being ready for
whatever the storm brings to our area. “Steve and his department do a
fabulous job of protecting the citizens of Manatee County.”
Van Ostenbridge also stressed that Sherriff Wells has his deputies ready to
assist in helping residents who have issues during the storm. Van
Ostenbridge said that all of the law enforcement agencies would be making
sure that no criminals take advantage of Manatee County citizens during
the storm and its aftermath. “This is not New Orleans and the rule of law
will be enforced during the storm.”

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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