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Don’t Let George Soros Ruin Our Community

The crime situation in Democratic run cities just keeps getting worse. Innocent citizens of America’s major cities are violently attacked on a daily basis. American citizens are changing their daily habits because of their fear of being attacked while walking on city streets. Meanwhile, the national news media ignores these crimes and focuses on the need for more hearings on the January 6 riot. 

It is not hard for intelligent people to understand what is happening. George Soros and other wealthy leftists have put enormous amounts of money into electing prosecutors who choose not to prosecute the perpetrators of violent crimes. If these prosecutors choose to prosecute a criminal, they do so for reduced charges and they allow the defendants to walk free after arrest without any bail. 

What Soros is doing is not some developer helping elect politicians that support lower taxes and more growth. The worst that can happen in that scenario is an increase in traffic congestion. This is a leftist multi-billionaire causing innocent residents of our cities to be killed or seriously injured. 

I can analyze many actions and reach a conclusion as to why certain people do the things they do. I must admit I cannot determine why Soros and so many Democrats are determined to elect prosecutors who oppose putting violent criminals in jail. I know for a fact that Soros has the most sophisticated army of armed bodyguards that protect him from the same criminals that he helps to release onto our streets. 

I understand how Americans can differ on the limits on abortion. 2 months, 3 months, or 4months. Reasonable people can differ. I don’t understand how these Democrats support no bail for violent criminals and no prosecution for thefts less than $1,000. 

Some leftists argue that crime enforcement needs to be more equitable for criminals who may be of a racial class that was the object of discrimination 50 years ago. The innocent victim of violent crime however, has no concern

about the color of his or her attacker. The victim only cares about removing the violent offender from our community. 

In our last local election for State Attorney in Manatee and Sarasota counties, the Democrats voted overwhelmingly for a candidate that spoke of “equity in sentencing.” This was a dog whistle to the leftists that the candidate would reduce bail and jail terms for violent offenders. 

Be prepared for Soros and other Democrats activists to begin the push in our community for more lenient sentencing. Thankfully, we have a solid State Attorney in Ed Brodsky and a great Governor in Ron DeSantis who appoints judges that believe in the rule of law.

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