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Rahn Wins District 4 Race in a Landslide

Mike Rahn won a landslide victory in the Republican primary for District 4 Manatee County commissioner. Rahn captured 62% of the vote against incumbent commissioner Misty Servia. Rahn said Tuesday evening that “the enormity of the victory was truly humbling.” 

Rahn concluded that “District 4 was looking for a change that would result in less bickering between the commissioners and more civility.” “We will not agree 100% of the time but we will work together for the citizens of Manatee County who ARE our bosses.” Rahn said “the special interests will take a back seat to the needs of our citizens.” 

Rahn said the infrastructure needs in District 4 are enormous and he plans to work closely with Sheriff Wells to solve the crime and homeless issues that are impacting the district. 

County Commission Chairman Kevin vanOstenbridge said “the election was a referendum on the old guard of moderate to liberal Republicans.” “Voters wanted commissioners who are true conservatives and support Governor Ron DeSantis.” 

The enormity of the defeat of incumbent commissioners is unprecedented in Manatee County. The voters appear to have remembered the restrictions Servia placed on county citizens during the Covid-19 pandemic. Hopefully, the bickering between commissioners that has embarrassed the county will be a thing of the past.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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