Reggie Bellamy

Incumbent District 2 Commissioner Reggie Bellamy won the Democratic primary in a landslide over former County Commissioner Charles Smith. Bellamy won 63% of the vote and will now face Amanda Ballard in the general election. The victory for Bellamy was much larger than when he faced Smith in the 2018 Democratic primary. 

Bellamy, the sole Democrat on the Manatee County Commission, has focused on working across the political aisle to accomplish his goals for District 2. Bellamy said “the voters wanted the representation I have displayed over the past 4 years.” The new pool facility in his district and the infrastructure projects in East Bradenton give evidence that he has the ability to avoid public acrimony and get projects accomplished. 

Reggie Bellamy has been a strong proponent of civility on the Manatee County Commission. His calm demeanor has been a good influence on the Commission the last 4 years.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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