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Last chance to vote Manatee County!

By Mark Young


Are you feeling the effects of election exhaustion yet?

Yeah, me too and at least Tuesday will mark the conclusion of one of the most intense primary seasons I’ve ever seen in Manatee County.

So come Wednesday, take a breath, make your favorite cocktail poolside or head to the beach and just take a moment to regroup because come Thursday, a very intense general election season will get underway.

It seems like election cycles never end in today’s political environment. We keep getting told that, “This is the most important election cycle in history.” 

It’s not an overstatement, however. There is a lot of truth behind that statement and we’ve seen the cataclysmic results of elections where some didn’t believe it really was the “most important election.”

And the ultimate truth is that every election is becoming the “most important,” given what is at stake for our community and our country.

The fact that this primary season has been so intense may be exhausting but it shows me that Conservatives are indeed paying attention and understand the dangers that define progressive liberal agendas.

Conservatives are going on the offensive and we are fighting back.

I find this comforting. I do understand the frustration of many Conservatives who feel like fellow Republicans aren’t doing their part. But I believe in my heart that they do understand, are paying attention and will indeed take action at the polls.

Despite the encouragement to cast away the Silent Majority mantra and make some noise, it’s still the Conservative nature to be the strong, silent type and swing the big stick when it’s time to vote.

I guess we’ll see if that holds true as polls open on Tuesday and election results roll in on Tuesday night. We’ll find out if this great Conservative movement is indeed thriving in Manatee County.

With that said, if you haven’t voted yet and plan to on Tuesday, let’s briefly recap my endorsements.

In the very important Manatee County School Board races, the choices are clear if you want to finally see accountability, transparency and Conservative values stand in defense of liberal indoctrination policies.

When it comes to the importance of the very act of voting, the school district races rise above most others due to two key factors. The first is that it’s not a primary for school board races. It’s the only vote you’ll get to decide the future direction of this corrupt district.

Secondly, due to a change in the law led by the most progressive liberal that has ever served on the school board, Charlie Kennedy, you can only vote for your district candidate.

Manatee County as a whole, no longer gets to decide everyone who serves on the school board. So your vote matters more than ever.

My District 4 endorsement has gone to Chad Choate, a Gov. Ron DeSantis appointment. This is Choate’s first actual election and deserves a full term to show us all what he is capable of doing as far as implementing actual change within the district.

But he needs help and will get a key ally in District 2 where Cindy Spray is my endorsed candidate. Spray is one of the hardest working Conservatives I have ever seen. Her work ethic and Conservative values combined, will let Manatee County parents sleep easy at night knowing their children are being educated instead of indoctrinated.

In District 5, my endorsement is Richard Tatem, a retired Air Force officer and a man who understands that Conservative values are grounded in Christian principles.

In the Manatee County Board of Commissioners races, it is time to say farewell to RINOs and elect actual Conservatives.

Jason Bearden and Mike Rahn are my endorsements and these two former United States Marines and combat veterans will no doubt fearlessly end the special interest stranglehold on Manatee County by the rich and powerful who call themselves Conservatives but financially back any candidate that benefits their padded wallets.

All of these candidates are endorsed by the various Republican groups in Manatee County. Where I part ways with some of them is my endorsement of Vern Buchanan over his congressional challenger Martin Hyde.

I have talked extensively on my full endorsement and support of Buchanan. Most importantly is the fact that Buchanan is next in line to chair the key Ways and Means Committee when Republicans take back the House in November.

Virtually every tax dollar you give to the federal government flows through this committee and we need Buchanan’s experience and Conservative values at the helm.

Though Hyde has somehow gained support of my fellow Trump supporters despite his erratic behaviors and denigration of Trump supporters in the past, it is Buchanan who has Trump’s endorsement. And thus, Buchanan has mine.

There is a lot in Manatee County that is broken and needs to be fixed and my endorsed candidates can do the job. But when it comes to Buchanan, if it isn’t broken, don’t try and fix it with an unknown and potentially unstable equation that doesn’t add up.

And again, it’s not that I think Hyde isn’t good for the movement. I just believe his role needs to be more local to see what he can really do and whether he is worthy for a future in state or national politics.

It’s irresponsible to remove a seasoned representative like Buchanan who is on the threshold of important responsibilities in exchange for an inexperienced candidate who would knock Manatee and Sarasota counties out from under seasoned leadership.

It just makes no sense to me and I have yet to hear an argument that would change my mind. But that’s the beauty of our electoral system. My voice will be heard at the ballot box, and so shall yours.

So as we head into the final day of the 2022 primary elections my fellow Patriots, stay vigilant, stay aware and stay informed.

God bless America.

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