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Tales from the Mark Side: FBI raid all but guarantees a Trump reelection

Tales from the Mark Side

The Conservative Voice in Manatee County

FBI raid all but guarantees a Trump reelection

By Mark Young


I’m surprised the 30 armed FBI agents who swarmed the home of President Donald Trump didn’t arrive inside a small car and piled out like a bunch of circus clowns because that is essentially what this was.

It was all for show, and more importantly, all political.

Like most times when liberals show their true face, I was initially fuming at the FBI’s raid of Trump’s Palm Beach County home, but then I took the time to process what it really means.

After all, as a Conservative, I’m capable of processing information with the logical part of my brain, unlike liberals.

The saddest part of this continued self-inflicted liberal soap opera is the fact that the FBI has had some time to recover from its betrayal of the American people regarding the Russian collusion hoax, fueled by the the Hillary Clinton campaign and rogue FBI agents.

FBI agents, by the way, who were not prosecuted for lying on a federal warrant, but allowed to retire with full benefits. Sounds a little like our own Manatee County government.

But instead of doing something to regain America’s trust, the FBI has since had 50 agents lie about Hunter Biden’s laptop being Russian disinformation and now this unprecedented presidential raid, denying access to Trump’s lawyers to see exactly what was seized.

So now we are just supposed to trust that the FBI won’t add something to the documents that were taken? The FBI and the Department of Justice have been politically weaponized by democrats going back to the Obama/Biden administration.

If you have any trust in the FBI at this point, you are probably someone who believes 87,000 new IRS agents are only going to target people making over $400,000 a year. I mean you do remember the IRS under Obama/Biden right?

The IRS targeted Conservative groups, Conservatives and Conservative journalists. Imagine what the IRS will do with 87,000 more agents if democrats remain in charge.

But if you believe the FBI, DOJ and IRS can be trusted, you also probably believe that the Inflation Reduction Act has all these great things that will actually reduce inflation.

You also probably believe that the massive infrastructure bill produced by Biden’s team actually addresses infrastructure. Oh wait, about 9% of that bill did address infrastructure.

And if you believe all that, you probably still believe Trump colluded with Russia and there is just no hope for you at all. Sadly, there are still too many of you.

Just look at the 57,000 people who voted for Ilhan Omar in her democratic primary. The D in front of Omar’s name stands for domestic terrorist.

Like her comrade AOC, they represent districts that are either full of America-hating constituents or are the kind of voter who can be swayed by seeing a political sign on the side of the road.

If that sounds like something like you do, please stop voting.

So how does the average American trust our top law enforcement agencies after what we’ve witnessed first hand over the past few years? We don’t. Most of us probably never have, but now, more than ever, I don’t see how that trust can ever be earned back.

You have a DOJ that targets parents, is personally invested in Critical Race Theory, has lied to Americans without consequence, broken the law themselves without consequence, won’t acknowlege groups like BLM and ANTIFA as the domestic terrorist groups they are, and the list just goes on and on and on.

And they never prosecute democrats, which is why dozens of rogue FBI agents got a pass, Hillary Clinton got a pass and Biden himself got a pass for doing something Trump was accused of doing and got impeached.

You have a democrat representative who was sleeping with a Chinese spy and still has top secret security clearance, not to mention no one is even talking about Biden being caught in multiple lies, which we’ve outlined here time and again, although they are hard to keep up with for sure.

I have never in my life envisioned an America like the one we are living in today where a political party in charge is acting like the brown shirts of Hitler’s Nazi Party, which had one directive: Intimidate the masses through violence and manipulation.

And though I may not always come off as a glass half full kind of guy, I do see the positive in the armed raid on Trump’s home.

If there was any doubt in anyone’s mind about whether Trump was going to run in 2024, the democrats have just 100% guaranteed it. Not only that, but with each blatantly corrupt step they take, they are guaranteeing his reelection.

Liberals have gone beyond their typical dirty tactics. They have always relied on their mandate to lie, cheat and steal, but I keep trying to make one very loud point: Liberals have declared war on the American way.

And, my fellow Patriots, we cannot win a war until we recognize that it is a war.

The liberal playbook has been absorbed into the Nazi playbook. They tell the big lie, their media allies participate and generate misinformation campaigns and they use the mob to intimidate the individual.

Whether those mob agitators are paid for by democrats or whether that mob is our own federal agencies infected with woke liberals really doesn’t matter because the result is the same. The individual is isolated and cannot fight back with any hopes of winning.

That is why Republicans must unify. We must become a Conservative army. And that is why Republicans must put aside nonconsequential differences and rally around two flags.

The first flag is the Stars and Stripes. The second flag is Trump 2024.

Whether you like it or not, Trump is the only one who can truly rebuild a nation being destroyed by democrats. That’s why they hate him so much. That’s why they fear him so much.

That’s why they are desperate to make sure Trump can’t run again and will play every dirty trick in their Nazi handbook to keep him out of the race.

If they didn’t think Trump could win in 2024 and reverse this liberal takeover of our society, they wouldn’t be so desperate to stop him.

That should tell you everything you need to know about the truth. We have moved past the point of whether America can be “fixed.”

It can’t. But our Republica can be rebuilt from the ground up and there is only one man who can do it. Trump must run, and in my humble opinion, Ron DeSantis must join him and be the heir apparent in 2028.

Moderate democrats are a thing of the past. They are retiring or losing elections to progressive liberals. We must put ourselves on a war footing and we must put our greatest general in command.

Stay vigilant my fellow Patriots. Come together, unify, stay aware and stay informed. 

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