Man kills girlfriend’s father, says he did it for her

Manatee Herald Staff Report

According to court documents obtained by the Manatee Herald, Charles Shadrach, 28, is facing a first-degree murder charge after shooting his girlfriend’s father with a shotgun.

Deputies say the shooting occurred on July 23 around 6:18 p.m.

Deputies responded to the shooting call and located Shadrach walking on the roadway and found the unidentified victim dead in his front yard.

According to the arrest report, the girlfriend told authorities that she and her father had argued the previous night, and had told Shadrach about it, but that there were no tensions between daughter and father the next morning.

When Shadrach came to the residence for the night, deputies say the girlfriend heard two loud bangs and met Shadrach at the front door, at which time Shadrach said she no longer had, “to worry about her father hurting her anymore.”

Following the shooting, Shadrach laid the shotgun down and said he was going to surrender to law enforcement, according to the report.

Deputies say Shadrach cooperated with investigators and told them that the victim had been violent with his girlfriend in the past.

Deputies say Shadrach told them he retrieved the shotgun from a relative’s house and was going to make the victim write out an apology and explain why he should be forgiven.

According to the report, Shadrach admitted that, “he shot the victim in the chest and then shot him again in the back to make sure he was dead.”

Shadrach was booked into the Manatee County jail where he remains in custody without bond.

Bradenton man charged with aggravated child abuse

A 19-year-old Bradenton man was arrested July 30 and faces an aggravated child abuse charge.

The victim is 4 months old.

According to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, Elijah Fogarty was at a relative’s house on June 29 when the child had to be transported to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital with a swollen head and lips.

According to the arrest warrant, doctors noted that this wasn’t the first trip to the hospital for the child, who was treated for a fracture on the baby’s skull in April, among other injuries.

That case is being investigated by the St. Petersburg Police Department.

Deputies say on this latest occasion, Fogarty attempted to explain away the injuries by saying the child had become stuck between the sofa and a mattress. When confronted with the child’s brain injuries, Fogarty said he accidentally dropped the child while giving it a bath.

According to the warrant, medical staff said the baby’s injuries could not have been caused by either explanation provided by Fogarty.

According to the warrant, the baby was recovering from the April injuries to its brain but, “this time appears to have a much poorer prognosis for recovery.”

Fogarty was booked into the Manatee County jail where he remains in custody. According to jail records, Fogarty was out on bond relating to a motor vehicle theft charge. Those bonds were revoked.

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