Why is the Biden administration attempting to punish physicians and hospitals that refuse to participate in abortions and gender transitioning surgery? Is President Biden so indebted to the far left wing of his party that he must attempt to require medical practitioners to participate in procedures they deem morally offensive? Even the most ardent believers in slavery did not attempt to force those who opposed slavery to participate in the reprehensible practice. Yet Biden is insisting that medical care providers must participate in a practice they consider abhorrent.

Several years ago, the Obama administration attempted a similar action against healthcare providers. Fortunately, the Supreme Court ruled in a similar case that the government must find alternative means to provide the objectionable medical procedures. The government had to abandon its attempt to force citizens or organizations to participate in something they deemed morally offensive.

This decision by the Supreme Court was later put into a rule that protected the religious beliefs of health care providers. 

Recently, Xavier Becerra, Biden’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, instituted plans to punish medical organizations that refuse to participate in abortions or gender transitioning surgery. Becerra is no stranger to the fight for unlimited abortion rights. As attorney General in California, he attempted to punish journalists who exposed Planned Parenthood’s sale of fetal remains that had been harvested during abortions. Becerra, an ardent supporter of unlimited abortion rights, has consistently attempted to punish those who choose not to participate in abortion procedures. Evidently, he believes the “right to choose” does not include choosing to NOT participate in abortions. 

Why is Biden choosing to persecute those who do not wish to participate in abortion? In the past, Biden opposed government funding of abortion, yet now he endorses this harrassment of religious organizations?

It would appear that our President has ceded control in this area to the most ardent haters of religious organizations. These left wing groups are so in favor of abortion and gender transitioning that they believe that citizens who disagree with this belief should lose their livelihood. 

Many Americans support limited abortion rights. Many Americans are opposed to abortion. Most Americans however, oppose forcing someone to participate in abortions if he or she has a moral objection. We must trust that our courts will not allow Biden to run roughshod over the rights of Americans to follow their religious convictions. 


Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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