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Thank goodness we are not in a recession

By Mark Young


Joe Biden’s bizarro world continues to expand and the rest of us are just along for the dizzying ride.

If you are someone who recently started paying attention to politics, your head has to be spinning at what you are witnessing. I’ve followed politics for decades and my head is spinning.

I’ve seen presidents make major mistakes, outright lie and deny the truth in my day, but don’t feel bad if you feel like you need to get off the ride before you hurl. I’m feeling the same way.

This has gone above and beyond political games. This has become like a new episode of Stranger Things, only not as good, and unfortunately, not fiction.

To add to the bizarro reality we are facing, apparently the definition of “recession” has been changed. It’s always been two quarters of negative economic growth, but according to the liberal bizarro world, it no longer means a recession.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I’ve debated liberals for decades and we all know facts don’t matter to them, but this administration has taken it to a whole new level of nonsense.

I mean I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, and yet we are because we just haven’t seen this rate of liberal spin before, and that’s saying a lot.

We aren’t in a recession. The southern border is secure. Afghanistan wasn’t a surrender, it was a successful strategic withdrawal. Biden ended the pandemic and then tested positive for COVID – twice. Sure hope he gives Trump a call and thanks him for Operation Warp Speed or let’s be honest, COVID probably would have killed him.

How ironic is that? Trump essentially saved Biden’s life.

Illegal immigration isn’t illegal and Biden continues to tout record job growth that is simply jobs that were lost by democratic pandemic policies in the first place. So they are essentially people who were put out of work by democrats, going back to work and the democrats are taking credit for it.

That’s just hysterical to me. I literally LOL everytime Biden gets on TV and talks about his record jobs numbers without acknowledging the millions of jobs lost during the pandemic.

It’s just people going back to work you dolt. This is the part where you can envision me smirking and shaking my head at the same time. It’s just unreal. It’s kind of like celebrating $4.50 for a gallon of gas.

What do you want us to do Joe? Say thank you?

The supply chain crisis has been solved by a guy who never visited a port, took off six months during the crisis to breastfeed a child, and only makes a TV appearance when polls actually show that democrats want him to run for president.

The vice president is doing a, “great job.” Is she even still the border czar? What exactly is she doing besides giving unintelligible speeches?

Are we in a Monty Python movie? Sometimes I feel like we are. 

And when democrats aren’t lying to you, they simply ignore you.

Hunter Biden’s laptop doesn’t exist. Joe Biden never discussed business with his criminal son, and of course, threatened Ukraine to withhold congressional-approved funds unless the prosecutor investigating his son’s involvement in Ukraine was fired.

(This is the part where I remind you that is exactly what the democrats impeached Trump over, even though Trump never did it, but Biden did.)

And oh, don’t worry about inflation. It’s just temporary. High gas prices are good because it will encourage Americans to buy expensive electric vehicles that have to be charged using electricity produced by fossil fuels.

Electric companies are already complaining electric vehicle charging is putting a strain on their plants and we haven’t even really started the great gas guzzling purge yet.

Are you getting a headache yet? Me too.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there does it?

Jan. 6 was an “armed insurrection.” Two years of American cities on fire were “summer of love,” peaceful protests.

BLM and ANTIFA aren’t terrorists, they are patriots exercising their American right to peaceful protests. This is what democrats tell you despite the violence, the lack of permits to protest, and the ridiculous failure to understand how and why Americans have their rights in the first place.

Do you remember the CNN reporters standing in front of the burning building telling viewers she was at a peaceful protest? Hilarious.

They actually try to tell you what you are seeing with your own eyes isn’t true.

Biden not only wants to force Americans to buy electric vehicles and solar panels, but opened the door for China to become filthy rich off of American transportation pains because China produces the majority of solar panels and virtually all of the chemicals needed for electric vehicle batteries.

Biden is allowing unprecedented China investment into American farmland, which will very soon negate our one true leverage against China, which is food.

Biden blames Russia for oil prices and then buys Russian oil. Biden says he will take oil from the strategic reserve for Americans but sells it to China, which is funding Russia’s war in Ukraine by buying oil from Russia.

Biden is renewing the war on American coal while China has now doubled its coal production and then spends $790 billion during a recession on climate change policies that can’t be accomplished because 1. it’s historical weather cycles, and 2. would never be successful because it would take the entire world to do its part.

And the climate change spending is just a mini version of the horrible Build Back Better Act, but Biden and the dems call it an Inflation Reduction Act, when the trick to reducing inflation is to limit spending in the first place.

But the democrats win this one because they gave Joe Manchin a pipeline approval even though Biden has shut down other pipelines and is threatening to shut down more. Manchin now says the Inflation Reduction Act will actually help inflation even though it does nothing for inflation.

It’s kind of like the Infrastructure bill which does very little for infrastructure. Shame on those RINOs who failed us on that one.

How’s your headache holding up? Mine is pounding.

We could go on and on, but I know you need to get off this ride before the vomiting begins.

We’ll summarize it quickly though.

Recession is not a recession. Inflation is not inflation. Secure border is not a secure border. Illegal immigration is not illegal, and finally … It’s not Biden’s fault. It’s still Trump’s fault.

Ugh, time to get some toast in my stomach before I hurl myself.

But no worries, my fellow Patriots. Only more than two years to go before this horror story ends. Until then, stay vigilant, stay aware and stay informed.

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