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Editorial: Our Country is being Tested

In the Old Testament, Job was a prosperous farmer who trusted in God. Satan told God that Job only trusted in God because he was prosperous.

God and Satan entered into a bet whereby God allowed Job to be tormented by Satan to see if Job would remain faithful to God.

It seems that America is being tormented similarly by forces determined to ruin the economic prosperity that we have enjoyed.

The United States is experiencing high inflation which is wreaking devastation on businesses and consumers.

We have a President who is supposed to be the leader of the free world yet he can barely speak coherently and cannot even read from a teleprompter.

We have a President who limits oil exploration and then feigns a lack of understanding as to why fuel prices are rising.

We have a Vice-President who cannot be trusted to handle serious issues and also cannot talk coherently.

We have a Speaker of the House who has declared war on pregnancy centers .These centers assist young pregnant mothers as they prepare for the birth of their child.  

We have the teachers unions attempting to close charter schools or severely limit the number of children who can attend these institutions. With a straight face these teachers insist that students should return to failing schools while their Democrat politicians send their children to private prep schools.

We have former Secretary of State John Kerry attempting to renegotiate a new nuclear weapon treaty with Iran that has caused Neville Chamberlain to turn over in his grave.

We have Governor Gavin Newsome of California attempting to turn the United States into the Soviet Republic of California.

We have Democratic Governors and Mayors fighting to be the first to allow abortions up until the moment of birth. It makes one wonder if Joseph Mengele, Margaret Sanger and Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, were related.

We have a President who allows unlimited border crossings by migrants while refusing to allow the world’s greatest tennis player to enter the country without a Covid vaccine.

We have prosecutors in Los Angeles and New York City, funded by George Soros, allowing violent criminals to avoid prosecution and walk the streets and terrorize innocent citizens.

Closer to home we have public school teachers trying to teach sex educaion to 1-3 graders.

One could be faulted for believing Job got off easy, Fortunately, All is not lost.  Americans are starting to react in horror to the inane leftist politicians and their insidious plans for our beloved country.

Throughout history there have been political earthquakes that have prevented evil charlatans from foisting their heinous plans on an unsuspecting public. Americans of all backgrounds are pushing back against the WOKE minority and we will get back to the principles that made our country successful: hard work, freedom of association and a respect for our elders and law enforcement. From these key beliefs we can and will continue to be the shining city on a hill that has inspired the world and caused fear among the despots that have tried to enslave so many.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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