“Beautiful cities have become uninhabitable dystopian wastelands.”

America’s urban area inhabitants are the victims of “high IQ stupid people”. I must attribute the phrase “high IQ stupid people” to Peggy Noonan but it is such an accurate description of what we have witnessed in many of America’s major cities. We have seen beautiful cities become uninhabitable because social studies and anthropology majors from northeastern colleges have been allowed to unleash their favorite professors’ theories on the unsuspecting inhabitants of what used to be well-run cities.

Look at the urban blight of San Francisco and Los Angeles. These once beautiful cities are now the butt of jokes from stand-up comedians around the world. Most people would agree that allowing homeless people to encamp on the sidewalks in neighborhoods could result in a rise in crime and a corresponding decrease in sanitary conditions. Incredibly, City officials in these communities allow these homeless encampments to grow and refuse the pleas from taxpayers to remove the blighted areas.  

Michael Shellenberger has documented in his book, San Fran-sicko, how these liberal communities have moved beyond accepting the crime and disease of homeless encampments. City officials have begun to enable unhealthy behavior. Bureaucrats in these communities actually encourage the drug abuse that takes place and prevent the police from enforcing the law. Incredibly, many of the homeless people in these encampments end up being murdered or sexually assaulted.

Shellenberger’s San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities

In prior years, society used punishment or forced treatment to propel these homeless people towards a more healthy lifestyle. Today, the “high IQ stupid people” actually argue that these homeless people have a right to live in the street and should be helped in their endeavors to abuse drugs.

Most people realize if you allow and encourage base behavior, a certain percentage of the public will continue to pursue such behavior. In spite of being a small minority of the general population, these people can degrade and ruin the environment for society as a whole. 

We all know people who cannot house train their pets because they refuse to use punishment to encourage their pets to go outside to defecate. What they endure is a house that smells bad. It usually does not impact the surrounding neighborhood.

The city-sanctioned “safe sleeping village” on Fulton Street in San Fransisco

When society refuses to house train people who wish to live and defecate on the sidewalks of our communities, the whole neighborhood suffers. These communities endure not just unsanitary conditions but also must endure spikes in crime that affect the very survival of the inhabitants of these communities.

Our communities on the west coast of Florida must be vigilant and not allow our elected officials to listen to the high IQ stupid people who allow their compassion for the minority to ruin the lives of the majority.


Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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