Bradenton Classical Academy is a new charter school in Manatee County currently undergoing the application process. Sherri is the co-founder and is with us to talk about classical education, charter schools and specifically about her new school, as well as why she has taken on this responsibility to be part of educating our future leaders.

A classical education offers a deeper, lasting preparation for college, careers and living a meaningful life by encouraging its two guiding principles—wisdom and virtue. It provides the academic excellence and moral framework to encourage students to pursue the what, why, how and who of ideas and decisions. It supports the development of our young people who then, own their power, enrich their lives and the lives of others.

Bradenton Classical Academy is part of The Barney Charter School Initiative (BCSI) which is an outreach program of Hillsdale College devoted to the revitalization of public education through the launch and support of classical K-12 charter schools. For more on the BCSI, here is an informative video

The mission of Bradenton Classical Academy is to develop independent lifelong learners through a Classical Education with an understanding of the importance of citizenship, integrity and the respect for individual accountability. You can find out more information about Bradenton Classical Academy at

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