Amanda is a wife, mother, attorney, child advocate, Conservative, Catholic & not your traditional candidate for Manatee County Commission- District 2.

In this episode of “Let’s Talk” we sit down with her to learn more about who she is and where her philosophies come from that will be guiding her if she is elected. 

Amanda describes what makes her different from other candidates and why she would like to earn your vote.

Amanda tells us about District 2 and just a couple of the areas she wants to address and provide solutions that are effective and efficient.  She describes District 2 as the “heart of Manatee County. But it has been ignored and underserved.”  She added, “She sees portions of the district that are struggling with the basic infrastructure needs.”


If you would like to reach out to Amanda, her Candidate Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/Amanda-Ballard-for-Manatee-County-Commission-District-2-108889601760655/



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One thought on “Let’s Talk with Amanda Ballard, Candidate, Manatee County Board of Commissioners, District 2”
  1. What a breath of fresh air Amanda brings to the table. Her tireless work within the community knows what the Community needs are. Her vision to take the County to the next level in that district is spot on with her solutions brought forward on today’s show.
    I look forward to her swearing in as our new Commissioner
    I knew we had a common thread…we are both middle children..hehe

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