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The State of the Presidency: Incompetence

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The State of the Presidency: Incompetence

By Mark Young


I was wrong.

I have always been against mask mandates but after watching Nancy Pelosi’s bizarre smirks and inappropriate overly giddy smiles during serious subjects at Biden’s State of the Union address, I am now in favor of requiring her face to be covered with a mask.

What a circus the State of the Union turned out to be with a plethora of lies, a total lack of understanding for reality and delusional liberal logic.

Biden said the cure to inflation was not to lower wages, but to cut costs.

Really? Thanks Captain Obvious.

So to address the energy crisis, which by the way is going to get much worse with the Asian market announcing last night that oil increased by 5%, Biden is releasing another 30 million barrels from the strategic reserve.

Welcome to another three days of gas prices not going up. Let’s all bend a knee and express our gratitude for this grand gesture to the master problem solver in the White House.

It is beyond my understanding that the leader of the free world refuses to end the pain at the gas pump by renewing Trump energy policies that led us to energy independence.

It’s an affront to the American people, as well as our allies, who Biden put at the mercy of Russia in the first place in favor of this insane war on fossil fuels.

As I’ve noted many times, I’m all for green energy but we are decades away from it being sustainable and until such a time we are able to see the light at the end of the green energy tunnel; drill baby drill.

It’s just common sense, of which liberals have none.

It was clear that Biden’s speech had been prepared for months with a last minute insertion of the Ukraine crisis. His attempts at making himself look strong and his audacity to take credit for NATO unity was yet another massive failure.

NATO has unified because they finally woke up to the fact that another war in Europe is not only possible, but now a reality. NATO unified under the incredible courage being shown by the Ukrainian people and leadership. Real leadership, I might add.

Biden had months to fill Ukraine with lethal weapons. He had weeks knowing that Russia was going to invade to do something, but he waited until the final two days to send anything.

Thank God that President Trump had already given them enough arms to have the kind of initial success they are having against the Russian military.

This isn’t a new invasion. Russia’s aggressive behavior toward Ukraine has been going on for a decade. And, of course, Biden’s response as vice president was to send Ukraine blankets and threaten to withhold all aid until the prosecutor investigating his corrupt son was fired.

And he had the nerve to try and showcase some kind of strength toward Russia and take credit for the world turning against Russian aggression? Pathetic.

In the meantime, America is funding the killing of innocent Ukrainians by continuing to buy Russian oil, the one sanction that would actually crush the Russian economy. The keystone pipeline would have produced more oil per day than what we buy from Russia.

In the midst of war, a humanitarian crisis, inflation etc., Biden spent most of the speech trying to rebrand and resell elements of his failed Build Back Better plan.

Biden blurted out a number of comments strictly for political points. He blurted out that we need to secure the southern border, which is laughable considering his policies, or lack thereof. The man won’t even go to the border.

More than two million illegal immigrants crossed the border under his watch so far. And that doesn’t count God knows how many who have made it through without being detected. And those so called “got aways” didn’t want to be caught for a reason as the renewed opioid epedemic ravages America and human trafficking is at an all time high.

And yet Biden said we must battle these two key issues at the same time his policies are creating them.

It’s nonsense and quite frankly, it’s insanity.

Do you want solutions? Close the border, build the wall, get rid of the regulations that restrict domestic energy production Biden implemented, reinstate the keystone pipeline construction, sanction and put an embargo on Russian energy and be proactive instead of reactive to world events.

That is what is so incredible about the Trump presidency. President Trump applied common sense to domestic and geopolitical politics while projecting American strength to the world. It’s why he was so successful on the policy side and why political swamp rats hated him so much.

He was giving power back to the American people as he promised to do. Democrats don’t like that.

Biden’s State of the Union address should have been filled with apologies to the American people, starting with his abject failures in the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which set the stage for projecting his pathetic weakness to the world.

Overall, the State of the Union address was disgraceful. Self-serving democrats lining up to take selfies with Biden as Ukranian children are being murdered by Putin’s war crimes was digusting.

Biden had an opportunity to set the record straight and regain American trust and optimism. Instead, he took the typical liberal political route by telling lies and trying to take credit for things that he had nothing to do with.

Americans aren’t buying it Joe. The great awakening has been underway for a while now. We see through all the typical political games. You blew the opportunity to do the right thing and even worse, you tried to slant the truth.

And what a bizarre ending to a State of the Union speech. “Go get him.”

Who are you going to get? The voice in your head that gives you stupid ideas? Yeah, I’m all for that. Let’s go get him and put an end to that fool.

And speaking of fools, a few last words about Kamala Harris. Leading up to the speech, Harris was on a radio show where she was asked to break down the Ukrainian crisis.

Her exact words were, “Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine, so basically that’s wrong.” 

Oh … my … God.

Harris doubled down Wednesday morning during a TV interview saying that, “We are concerned and we are monitoring to see if Putin is potentially violating international law.”

Putin has already committed multiple war crimes and there are more to come. I’m so relieved that Harris is “concerned” and is “monitoring” the situation. I’m sure all of you, as well as Ukranians under fire, are also very comforted by that.

She is the only reason I’m rooting for old man Biden to survive his remaining three years. The only thing worse than him being president is the nightmare scenario of Harris being in charge.

Stay vigilant patriots.

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