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Liberal logic strikes again with free crack pipes and the ‘changing’ COVID science

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Liberal logic strikes again with free crack pipes and the ‘changing’ COVID science

By Mark Young


Oh it’s been another zany few days in liberal land this week. Where oh where do we even begin?

Should we address the $30 million of our money Crazy Joe is devoting to provide addicts with free crack pipes? Yeah, let’s start there.

It’s almost too easy but I’ll take a crack at it … so to speak.

According to Biden’s executive order, he’s using $30 million out of the American Rescue Plan to pay for this lunacy. 

It’s designed to help Americans living in underserved areas with substance abuse issues “stay healthy,” according to Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services.

I did not realize smoking crack and meth was a health trend, but OK. Let’s stop for a second and think about that one. Giving out free crack pipes to drug addicts in underserved areas are designed to help them, “stay healthy?”

These examples of liberal logic really make you step back and wrack your brain to find a grain of common sense in what they say, but as usual, it’s an impossible task.

Hmm, how could $30 million be better spent in a so-called “underserved” area of the US? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe a handful of actual drug treatment centers? Perhaps an investment into a mental health facility or two or three?

It’s a little ironic how cigarette smokers have been demonized over the years and exiled to back alley smoking areas next to the giant garbage dumpster.

And yet the government is shelling out $30 million of taxpayer money to provide crystal clear glass crack pipes and safe spaces for drug addicts to smoke ’em if you got ’em and shoot up with clean needles.

Yep, sounds perfectly healthy to me. Spend money to give them clean “smoking kits,” but don’t bother instead to spend that same money on essential services that could actually help them. Liberal logic at work and unfortunately, our tax dollars are its mercy.

Remember when we had a war on drugs? What happened to that? Apparently it went the way of Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal with a full scale surrender. The Taliban beat Biden and now apparently, so has crack cocaine. I have to wonder if Biden’s cokehead son Hunter had something to do with this.

Maybe we can take a look at Hunter’s laptop to find out for sure. Oh yeah, it’s being guarded at Fort Knox or Area 51 by a full brigade of federal agents to make sure no one will ever see that thing again.

I know Biden is allegedly Irish but he must have a little French in him with the sheer number of times he’s surrendered already in his first year.

The list of surrenders thus far include the Taliban, crack, AOC, Comrade Bernie Sanders, China, Russia and Iran. It’s early though. There will be more.

I can’t say it any better than Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy said recently: “Reality calls everyday and the Biden administration hangs up.”

I love that guy.

If Biden really cared about the “health” of drug users, maybe he should eye the southern border and do something about the fentanyl crossing the border, which is murdering Americans by the drug cartels and China.

It’s absolutely surreal the way these liberals use their warped minds. To listen to their latest argument about how the science of COVID is “changing” is just another example.

It’s the latest liberal mantra as Democrats slowly turn away from two-and-a-half years of totalitarian restrictions and mandates because they have, at long last, realized we don’t much care for that kind of thing.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the only reason some of these wacky blue state governors are starting to change their tunes is because the midterm elections are around the corner.

It’s never been about science. It’s been about politics and the late-to-the-game liberals are realizing they are on the losing side.

But so far, Biden is standing his ground and as recently as today (Wednesday) the CDC said it’s not going to change its recommendations on child masking, but that “It’s always been up to the government at the local level.”

Of course, this means a continued battle with the Communist Party of the Teacher’s Union, but it does beg a single question. If it’s “always” been up to the local government, why has the left continued to blast the decisions of Republican governors who ended mask mandates and restrictions long ago?

Because “science is changing?”

No. Of course not.

Science doesn’t change. You either get it right or get it wrong. You don’t get to say “science is changing.” Just admit that you are a bunch of over-educated morons who couldn’t find a pound of common sense if it crash landed on your head.

The only thing changing should be your careers.

So liberals are starting to do an about face as the election gets closer. It will get interesting, and probably fairly humorous in the coming weeks as more and more liberals stand up against mask mandates and then try to take credit for giving back individual freedoms to their constituents.

And sadly, the liberal sheep will “baaaah,” and thank their herders, but the rest of us won’t.

There’s always a silver lining and the COVID pandemic is no exception.

It’s exposed a lot about how quickly the government will try to seize control and power over its citizens. It’s exposed another element of the great American awakening to what’s happening around them.

The liberal mind is a nutty place to live. Let your vote be the wrecking ball that demolishes that insane asylum and bulldozes its debris right on out of office. 

Wish we had a little more time but we’ll eventually get to the Canadian police arresting a little old great-grandfather for honking his horn in support of the Freedom Convoy.

We’ll also try to get to our illustrious and delusional military leadership’s predictions about Russia and Ukraine, as well as Biden’s DOJ protection of a violent BLM protester who murdered an innocent man by burning down his building.

Stay tuned patriots. We have a long way to go.

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