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Dennis Cooley holds $100K cash for bid in proposed Florida House District 70

Ellenton, FL- Dennis Cooley, a local, small businessman announced he has over $100,000 cash on hand in the race to become the next State Representative from the newly minted House District 70.  Cooley is eyeing the new map, filed by the Florida Legislature that looks to give Southern Hillsborough and Northern Manatee Counties a new member of the State House of Representatives.  He is a husband and father who will put his years of business experience to work keeping Florida and its economy on track.

“My message of keeping Florida free is resonating,” Cooley stated.

“Governor DeSantis and legislative leaders have kept our economy open and, as a result, Florida is the economic envy of the nation.  I intend to keep it that way and am humbled by the quick outpouring of support from my friends and neighbors for the campaign.,” Cooley concluded.

Dennis Cooley was born in Bradenton.  He spent his early years at the Boys & Girls Club and what was then a rural farm in East Bradenton.  He attended community college for a year while working for his father’s Professional Employer Organization business.  Then Dennis enrolled at Coastal Carolina Business School where he graduated in 1994.

Upon returning to Bradenton, Dennis set out to make doing business easier for businesses of all sizes.  He developed his first payroll software interface in 2000 which has now processed billions of dollars in payroll transactions. Today, Dennis runs an insurance business that specializes in helping employers navigate the complex employer regulations that burden business owners.  Dennis Cooley currently assists hundreds of businesses find success.

Dennis is also active in our community and a member of the local chamber of commerce and serves on their transportation committee.  He is a graduate of Leadership Manatee and a member of their alumni board.  He serves on the Hundred Club of Manatee County, a local organization that solely exists to support law enforcement agencies.

Dennis Cooley met his wife 20 years ago but married in 2015.  Together they have 4 children all of whom are now out of the house.  He is a pilot that enjoys the freedom and ability to travel for both professional and personal adventures.


Paid by Dennis Cooley, Republican, for State Representative, District 70

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