Lee County Mosquito Control warn of West Nile Virus in Southwest Florida


The West Nile Virus is causing concern this year after scientists found the virus in some mosquitoes here in Southwest Florida.

The mosquito-transmitted virus is popping up much earlier than usual in the area.

“Most people who may contract West Nile Virus may not react to it. It can be a pretty dangerous disease to get. It can cause encephalitis-like symptoms,” said Lee County Mosquito Control Deputy Director Eric Jackson. “Just less than 1-in-100 are going to have severe side effects from it. That encephalitis – the swelling of the brain – meningitis-like symptoms. I mean it can be very dangerous.”

He said the virus has been detected in the Fort Myers area, Lehigh Acres, and Bonita Springs.

Jackson said people can help keep mosquitoes away from homes by making sure there is no standing water in containers or places for mosquitoes to grow.

Lee County Mosquito Control also works day and night to kill those mosquitoes.

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