Florida ranks as 7th most dangerous state for motorcyclists


With people working from home and staying in last year as a result of the pandemic, there were fewer drivers on the roads for a good portion of the year. That didn’t keep the number of traffic deaths down, though. In fact, they increased by at least 8%.

Most of that increase involved people on motorcycles, especially in Florida, which in 2020 saw the highest number ever of motorcycle crashes that ended with a fatality.

QuoteWizard says 72% of motorcycle accidents end with the rider losing their life.

“You have such a smaller margin for error on a motorcycle and that’s why it’s so important to make sure that you’re not riding impaired and that you are wearing a helmet. The margin of error is just so much smaller and you have to be much more careful because you’re not just watching out for what you’re doing, it really matters what the other person is doing as well. Some motorcycle riders have to be very aware of that,” said Nick Vanzant, senior research analyst at QuoteWizard.

Vanzant said that in the last year, we’ve actually seen a 7% decrease in the number of riders using a helmet.

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