South Florida Cuban American shares her experience sending care packages to Cuba

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The task of sending basic items and medicine to loved ones in Cuba has become extremely difficult for many in South Florida.

Lisette Cano Moya invited WPTV into her home in West Palm Beach and showed off some of the art and culture that comes out of Cuba.

These days, Cano Moya has been trying to send care packages into Cuba. Her mother is diabetic and she tries to send her medicine. But in her experience, sending packages to the island has been problematic. There have been massive delays and sometimes things disappear. Now, with the recent protests, there are no guarantees her packages are reaching their final destination.

“There are times that medicine arrives six months later and thought some of it could have expired by then, because it could happen,” Cano Moya said. “We’re trying to help the people in need. That is why I would like it, if it were up to me, to close everything down because Cuban government will do whatever it wants to do.”

This past week, President Joe Biden’s administration announced sanctions against a Cuban official and a government special brigade that it claims was involved in human rights abuses during a government crackdown on protests on the island earlier this month.

Cano Moya said the sanctions will not do anything significant, and there needs to be a firmer hand of action to truly dissolve the communist regime.

“For many years, Fidel Castro was sanctioned by the United States and by many other countries and nothing happened,” Cano Moya said. “I do not agree with the recent sanctions that Biden placed because the Cuban leaders are not going to care.”

She said once the Cuban people are free, there won’t be a need for remittances.

“They are not asking for medicine or to send food,” Cano Moya said. “Once having liberty, the rest shall fall into place.”

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