New area of interest identified off Northeast Florida coastline

Happy Hump Day, Southwest Florida!Apart from a few coastal zones, high temperatures will soar back into the 90s today. Expect cloud coverage to build into the afternoon.

You will feel today’s high levels of humidity when you step outside. This will stick with us today and fuel our triple-digit heat index values.

Isolated showers will dot the coastline this morning into the early afternoon. More substantial rain chances will eventually form inland in the late afternoon into the early night.

A stout high-pressure system will steer large amounts of our tropical moisture away tomorrow. For that reason, we are only left with isolated rain chances on Thursday.

Boating conditions will continue to be favorable. Only light chop and 1- to 2-foot wave heights are in the forecast.

A broad, non-tropical, area of low pressure may develop off the coastline of Northeast Florida on either Friday or Saturday. The disturbance only has a low (20%) chance of becoming a cyclone within the next five days. Regardless, this will only have little to no impact on our weather in Southwest Florida.

The remainder of the Atlantic is remaining quiet at this time. A large plume of Saharan Dust is making it difficult for any additional tropical activity to get started in the Atlantic Basin.

If a named storm were to form, the next name on our 2021 storm naming list is Fred.

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