Seminoles take Center Stage with Ceremonial POWWOW Celebrating Florida’s Diversity at the Elliott Museum

Native American POWWOW

Seminole History

Seminole People of Florida: Survival and Success”

— Elliott Museum


The Sunshine State is home to a diverse mix of races, dialects, and cultures but one Native American group stands apart for their rich heritage. Meet the Seminole Indians once a small group of 300 people who eluded capture by U.S. forces. Their legendary escape from the hands of army soldiers who encroached upon their lands in Georgia and Florida is handed down in written and oral tradition as a testament to the fierce reliance of its people. Rightly known as the Unconquered People some 4,000 Seminoles now survive and thrive on eight reservations throughout Hollywood, Big Cypress, Brighton, Immokalee, Ft. Pierce, Naples, Lakeland, and Tampa.

This summer the Elliott Museum will honor the legacy and strength of the Seminole people with a POWWOW on September 25th and 26th. The sanctioned social event is a time of unifying Floridians through feasting, dancing and singing. This sacred ceremony is open to the public to share in the immense personal deposit and cultural influence the Seminole people have given to the state of Florida. The journey of this tribe is told through an informative display where we walk in the shoes of great people who journeyed through a time of isolation in the 1800’s to flourish as a modern day, international corporation.

The Elliott Museum known for its historically accurate exhibits is the perfect backdrop for the Seminole POWWOW. Located in the heart of Hutchinson Island in Stuart, Florida, the museum ‘s motto of “Interact, Discover and Learn” is exactly the experience attendees will receive at this September POWWOW. Backed by the Historical Society of Martin County, the museum’s purpose is to share the rich history if its residents with the world. From the renowned car and baseball collections to a variety of exhibits, collections, and lectures, the, Elliott Museum is open to visitors who want to immerse themselves in the diverse heritage of the Treasure Coast.

The People of the Creek Confederacy are a strong people with a substantial history of defying the odds. Their tale is told in part through this exhibit subtitled “Survival and Success” and will be highlighted in the ceremonial POWWOW – a must see event! The dance will commence in traditional garb consisting of colorful buckskins, feathered headdress and all to the rhythm of the heart thumping drums. The event is a feast for the eyes with majestic yellows, captivating blues and bright forest greens depicting the distinct style of the Seminole people.

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