South Florida Cuban Americans continue to offer support to Cuban protests

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — It has now been a week since people in Cuba started protesting on the island.

It’s a historic move that hasn’t been seen in decades in the communist country.

A rally for Cuba took place Sunday afternoon in front of City Hall in Downtown West Palm Beach.

Protesters held signs and sang the Cuban national anthem.

Local Cuban Americans are demanding freedom and freedom of speech for Cuba.

The historic protests in the island nation have sparked an outpouring of support here in Florida, the state is home to the nation’s largest community of Cuban exiles.

“Work doesn’t belong to you; it belongs to the government. Ideologically that is wrong,” said Congressman Brian Mast, (R-FL) 18th District. “Then get out and call on your government, officials like myself and others across the state to support it at the federal level. If we sit on the foreign affairs committee or other places to say, find that support for Cuba.”

“Now, today is the moment. So how many years are you and the United States behind Cuba, and all the worlds, not only the United States, all the world behind Cuba. Now is the moment,” said Nerelys Hernandez, a Cuban-American.

A candlelight vigil is scheduled for Sunday evening at Jose Marti Park in West Palm Beach.

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