16 members of Florida white supremacist gang indicted on charges of violent crimes


Sixteen people in Florida have been indicted on racketeering charges for “propagating Aryan philosophy” as members of the Unforgiven, a white supremacist gang.

The indictment, unsealed Thursday, states the group tried to preserve and expand its power and territory through recruitment and indoctrination of white supremacist ideology.

The group is accused of pursuing business and political leadership through intimidation, threats and acts of violence.

The indictment charges each of the 16 defendants with committing at least one violent act in aid of Unforgiven, including kidnappings, conspiracies to commit assault, threats of violence and assaults with deadly weapons.

The 16 members are:

Maverick Maher, 39, of Pensacola
Joshua Fisher, 27, of Brooksville
Levi Sharp, 38, of Satsuma
George Andrews II, 51, of Pensacola
James Mapoles, 40, of Panama City
David Howell, 35, of Loxahatchee
Ryann Howard, 39, of Orange Park
Ryan McLaughlin, 35, of Jacksonville
Darrin Terranova, 51, of Beverly Hills
Brandon Welch, 34, of Milton
Joshua Williamson, 36, of Live Oak
Steve Anderson, 28, of Bristol
Joshua Hall, 42, of Wildwood
Jarrett Arnold, 31, of Zephyrhills
Scott Marshall, 45, of Port Richey
William Walker, 38, of Jacksonville

One notable charge accuses Howell of assaulting protestors at a Peace Walk for Black Lives with a dangerous weapon on June 5, 2020.

This chart details the charges faced by each of the 16 defendants.

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