Rallies held across South Florida for Cuba

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Monday evening the intersection of Forest Hill Boulevard and Military Trail is taken over in a sign of support for the people of Cuba.

“Everybody here to support our people in Cuba,” one man said.

Hundreds of people showed up screaming liberty for Cuba.

“Decades and decades of oppression the Cuban people are fed up,” Gloria Franco said.

Todd Wilson

Demonstrators have taken to the streets in the island nation protesting against the government of Miguel Diaz Canel as the island suffers through worsening conditions, a deadly wave of COVID-19 pandemic, along a lack of food, medicine, and basic essentials.

Cuban Attorney Edmund Gonzalez has been following what’s been going on in Cuba. He said he’s cautiously optimistic about the situation hoping the people of Cuba realize their dream of freedom and liberty.

“We’ve had this uprising before back in the 90s and it went nowhere. Without the assistance of the United States government, it’s probably going to be quashed again,” he said.

Josh Sariol said it’s about time for the current regime to step down.

Todd Wilson

“I’m excited the Cuban people are finally standing up to the government and taking action,” he said.

It’s clear so many families across South Florida right now are offering their support to those hundreds of miles away.

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