Four years after unleashing the Switch upon the world, Nintendo is releasing an upgraded version of its phenomenally successful console. After years of rumors, the company has at last confirmed the existence of a new Switch model with an OLED display. It’ll cost $349.99 and arrive on October 10th.

As expected, the latest model has a larger, seven-inch screen. The 720p OLED display is a step up from the 6.2-inch LCD screen on the original Switch, and has significantly reduced bezels, as well. It also comes with 64 GB of storage and a wired LAN port, and it works with all existing Joy-Con controllers. Nintendo is offering it in the traditional neon red/blue color scheme with a black dock, or in a white/black color scheme with a white dock.

The original Switch is still selling like hot cakes, so there’s a case to be made that Nintendo didn’t need to upgrade the console just yet. But as more people slowly snag a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S, it’s understandable that Nintendo might want to better compete with those consoles.

It’s highly likely that demand will far exceed supply. Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa told investors in a call in May that the company was still contending with shortages and production issues. The current global scarcity of semiconductors will also limit production capacity. So, the Switch Pro might be even harder to find than the current console has been at various points.

Since it released the original Switch in 2017, Nintendo has issued a revised model with a battery upgrade. It also released the handheld-only Switch Lite in 2019. Two years later, moving in the other direction with a more powerful Switch Pro is a logical move. Good luck getting your hands on one any time soon, though.


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