Google came out with the latest version of the Nest Thermostat at the end of last year. While it was already a tempting gadget for those looking to save energy and make their homes smarter, Google sweetened the deal by pricing the thermostat at $130. It has since gone on sale a few times, but today you can grab the snow color option for $88, which is 32 percent off its normal price and a record low. Also, the snow Thermostat with a Trim Kit is on sale for $103, or $12 less than the other Trim Kit packages. Other colors are down to $100, which is the same sale price we saw back in April around Earth Day.

Buy Nest Thermostat at Amazon – $88Buy Nest Thermostat + Trim Kit at Amazon – $103

Compared to previous Nest thermostats, this one is slimmer, has a touch-sensitive edge and a mirrored display that both looks lovely and automatically wakes up when you approach it. In addition to looking better than most conventional thermostats, the Nest Thermostat is much smarter as well, allowing you to control via on-device controls, Google’s Home app and even with Assistant or Alexa voice commands. The device itself has a redesigned controller view too, which makes it easier to quickly set the temperature in your home.

But the automatic features are likely the biggest selling points for a device like the Nest Thermostat. It recognizes when you’ve left your home and will automatically go into Eco mode, keeping your home at a specific temperature until you return when it will either raise or lower the temperature based on your preferences. This Nest Thermostat also has Savings Finder, a feature that continuously looks for ways to reduce your energy bill throughout the year. For example, the device will suggest adjustments based on weather conditions — think reducing your home heat usage during a particularly warm winter — that you can choose to accept in order to potentially decrease your energy costs. Although a smart thermostat like Nest’s takes a bit more installation that a standard smart light bulb, it’s a good entry point into the smart home world — and it’s even better when on sale like this.

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