Best Seasons to go on a Fishing Adventure in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is inhabited by a diverse population and some twenty million visitors. The fishing industry has been one of the biggest contributors to Florida’s economy for several decades and it continues to be so today. It is not just limited to commercial boats but also includes recreational anglers who use both shoreline and boat-launching sites across the Keys.

The Florida Keys is considered to be one of the best fishing spots in America. These days it has become increasingly popular to go fishing outdoors. It’s safe, fun, and healthy!

The government has tried its best to stop anglers since the 1970s but its efforts have not been enough. The increasing number of regulations are also hurting the economy and people’s livelihoods.

Despite this, fishing Adventure in the Florida Keys is still considered to be a paradise for fishing enthusiasts and people from all around the world visiting every year for a chance at catching something big. Anglers and vacations alike flock to Key Largo a local popular destination, Islamorada named the sportfishing capital, Marathon which is considered the most popular location for vacations, and Key West for the people that just want to party! 

Tarpon Season

The orange-marked tarpon has been a part of the Florida Keys ecosystem since the 1980s. They were once considered an invasive species but soon became a vital part of the area’s fishing industry and recreation.

Tarpon season is the time of year when tarpons are migrating from the Gulf of Mexico to Florida. You can catch them at any time of the year, but the Tarpon season begins in April through August. In springtime, tarpons are mostly found on the Florida Bay side but eventually moves to the Atlantic side as the year progresses. While tarpon travel up and down the coast of the Florida Keys, the section between Islamorada and Marathon seen to be the most productive areas. 

Grouper Season

Grouper season is a major event in the Florida Keys. It is a time where the fish population has been at its peak since they have just hatched and are still small.

It is a popular fishing ground in the area due to its excellent fishing conditions, which includes crystal clear water, shallow and sandy sea beds where it is easy to spot fish, and the presence of docks that provide excellent spots for anglers to cast their lines. The Marathon fishing charters always seem to be very productive off the Atlantic coast where the Gulf Stream is the closest.

Grouper Season in the Florida Keys typically begins around February and ends around April. Grouper season is a time when you can catch these huge fish on your line that weighs up to 100 pounds each! 

Redfish Season

Redfish season is an important source of income for the fishing community who live in the Florida Keys.

The Florida Keys has a large population of redfish which are mainly found in the shallow bays and marshes. Full-time fishermen use large nets to catch these fish. The fish caught by these nets account for about 2% of total landings.

Anglers often catch redfish near reef and wreck sites, in shallow water, or the mangroves. The Redfish season starts on November 15 and ends on March 31. Anglers can take advantage of this time to catch their limit of redfish before they become too large and tough and move on.

In addition to offering great Fishing Adventure in the Florida Keys, the Keys are also home to some of America’s best beaches and one of its finest national parks in Key West. 

There are many fishing charter companies, as well as Key West Yacht Rentals in the Florida Keys there are many companies that offer high-quality boats at an affordable price. You can also find more than just yachts; sailboats, powerboats, pontoons, and inflatable boats as well as fishing trips for those looking for a Florida Keys experience that is out of this world. Give it a try!

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