I’m willing to guess that almost all business owners never imagined all the back office employer related regulatory required administrative tasks and responsibilities they would have to do! Thats a mouth full, so what I’m I really talking about – payroll, insurance, taxes, workers compensation, general liability, and more. They aren’t the things most business owners look forward to handling, yet, they are required. They also can cause penalties and require even more time if something isn’t quite right. So, what can be done to cost effectively pass on all those tasks and liabilities to someone else so you can stay focused on the primary product or service of your business? Use a PEO. A Professional Employer Organization helps small businesses with all its back office employer related HR responsibilities and more. It does all this while taking on the associated liabilities while often times even saving the business owner money. But, there are a lot of PEOs and not all of them are the same. The best way to get started is to contact a PEO Agent or Broker. Bridgely Key Options is the premier PEO Broker Agency in the State of Florida! Contact us today to work with one of our many brokers to get started. 855-899-1589

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