Watch: Watch President Biden Fist Bump Al Roker on Parade Route

President Joe Biden may be the man of the hour, but his grandkids are the ones social media cannot stop talking about.

As the 2021 Presidential Inauguration drew to a close on Wednesday, Jan. 20, the Biden family gathered at the White House to watch the Celebrating America TV special in their Sunday best.

And while their last name alone makes President Biden’s grandchildren instant household names, their personal style is what set each young woman apart.

Starting with Maisy, Hunter Biden‘s youngest daughter, the 20-year-old wore a dress from Rodarte Fall/Winter 2020 ready-to-wear line. She accessorized the romantic floral gown with a comfortable pair of Nikes, as one does when they will be walking across the streets of Washington D.C. all day.

Maisy’s older sis, 21-year-old Finnegan, wore a youthful, yet sophisticated cocktail dress designed by Markarian, which she complimented with a matching face mask. Notably, opted for a glam pair of black stilettos. Markarian also created First Lady Jill Biden‘s Inauguration Day look–read our exclusive interview with the designer here.


Candid Celeb Moments From 2021 Inauguration Day

Naomi, the 26-year-old middle sister of Hunter’s three daughters, chose a bright fuchsia gown that stood out in thanks to its big skirt and floppy bow.


Natalie Biden, the daughter of Hallie and the late Beau Biden, went for a decidedly delicate look in a cream colored dress, accentuated by a thin black belt.

And while Ashley Biden isn’t a grandchild, she certainly grabbed the attention of viewers at home in a sleek and chic tuxedo. President Biden’s daughter’s long hair was tied back in a prim ponytail, but she let the tie flow loose around her white button-up, giving off an effortlessly chic vibe.


But it was Beau Biden, Hunter and Melissa Cohen‘s baby boy, that viewers at home couldn’t resist fawning over. The president held the baby, who was dressed in a suit, during the Celebrating America special, at times dancing to Katy Perry as she sang “Fireworks” and more.

Little Beau is named after the eldest Biden sibling, who died of brain cancer in 2015.

Though today marked the start of President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris‘ four years in office, it was also a warm welcome to the Biden family and their stylish brood.

To learn more about the Bidens, check out their family tree here.

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