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Donald Trump success

The ideas I’ve heard for Donald Trump’s post-White House days run the gamut from ‘do radio’ or ‘start a media network’ to ‘create a better Twitter/Facebook’, but I believe there is a more effective way for a leader like Trump to impact the political landscape for decades to come.

Since November 5th, I have spent significant energy considering the ways that soon-to-be former President Donald Trump could turn the tide on the liberal wave that is shepherding conservatives into non-existence.

Ultimately, I took a page from Trump’s book.

For the past four years, one of Trump’s main points of focus has been the federal judiciary (circuit and appellate courts). He, rightfully, did so to reverse the decades of abuse conservatives have taken at the hands of activist liberal justices. It’s worked.

So… what’s next?

I began to think about other ways liberals are working to shut down conservative views and the businesses that hold them. That’s where I would focus if I were a billionaire with a cause.

Paypal, owned by Google needs a worthy opponent. There are international offshoots, but their financial protections are crap.

GoFundMe needs a conservative competitor – BADLY. At every turn they shut down conservative initiatives after being pressured by liberal jackboots.

Web services (ie. hosting, DNS, content delivery networks, cloud storage) need a conservative alternative.

Social media needs a competitor it cannot control. There was, until liberal darlings, Apple, Google and Amazon killed it, a fantastic alternative to Twitter: Parler. Gab is a good idea, but its execution has left me frustrated and longing for the return of Parler.

What Does This Mean for Trump?

The plan would require Donald Trump to do what he likes to do most – ACT. Trump should:

  • Organize or Back the creation of a conservative web services organization that is not reliant on Amazon web services, Apple or Google.
  • Create an alternative to GoFundMe that focuses on conservative fundraising efforts.
  • Align with a social media outlet like Parler where he should be given a celebrity/important figure account. Millions would follow making that outlet a powerhouse with which Twitter and Facebook will have to complete.
  • Chair an online bank with a board required to promote conservative ideals
  • Build a conservative alternative to Paypal

I chose these approaches because they are precisely the ones liberals have used to silence conservatives. Once this economic and communications network is put together he could consider a phase two where he might:

  • Create an online retail outlet where conservative merchandise is welcome
  • Build an online ad exchange where all ads (including conservative ones) are welcome

There is so much Trump could do using his money, contacts, and business savvy. Who cares about TV, haven’t watch TV news in years, but I keep running into places where progressive snowflakes have made it difficult for conservative businesses to thrive.

Seen the news on Mike Lindell lately? (Related: Bed Bath And Beyond, Kohl’s And Wayfair Pull MyPillow Products From Shelves)

Yeah. Now try to post a conservative ad on Google ads. Try to start a goFundme for a pro-life protest. Ask Parler how things are going with Apple, Google and Amazon.

There’s your sign.

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