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Chloe Trautman is clearing up rumors about her status on Siesta Key. E! News has learned that she has left the show.

The reality star took to her Instagram Story on Sunday, Jan. 17 and shared that she is stepping away from the MTV unscripted series because it became “extremely toxic.”

She posted a quote attributed to the account @spiritualbear that read, “Let people be hungry for you. Be unavailable from time to time, you’re focusing on your s–t.”

Chloe herself wrote, “I [cannot] stand to see these lies spread anymore. I was not fired. I decided to take a step back from filming because it became extremely toxic. I am unwilling to put my journey and my happiness on the line for fame and money.”

The series’ original cast member didn’t specify what kind of toxicity she was referring to but claimed that the issues will be clear once the upcoming fourth season begins airing.

“You will all have clarity when the show airs,” she continued. “Now please stop spreading lies.”


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Later, she shared another quote to her Instagram Story, this one attributed to author Sahara Rose. “Giving up is quitting something you love because of external feedback,” the quote read. “Evolving is choosing something else because your energy has moved.”

Chloe Trautman/Instagram

In June 2020, before Siesta Key had been picked up for a fourth season, Chloe told E! News that she had been hoping the show would return and that she was optimistic for what viewers would see from her story lines.

“I’ve had a boyfriend a little over three years,” she shared at that time. “I think a lot is changing in my life, and I hope we get a season four and I get to share that part of my life with everyone because I’m ready for people to see that side of me.”

In October, E! News asked the lifestyle blogger what makes her happy.

“Happiness is a choice,” she replied. “It’s a choice that you can make each and every day. So, in short, what makes me happy? I make me happy.”

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