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The Future of Birdland Jazz Club and Live Music

I have written a piece for Spectator USA about the future of Birdland Jazz Club and live music in the wake of the pandemic. I have since been made aware of the club’s fundraising effort, which jazz lovers everywhere may be interested in:

Yet another one of New York’s most beloved venues is in danger of closing for good. The legendary Birdland Jazz Club has been a fixture in the jazz community and one of NYC’s hottest destinations since it was founded in 1949 can be added to the list of venues which can no longer afford to operate. Like many other independently owned small businesses, Birdland is in desperate need of capital to dig out of the debt caused by the pandemic. Like our last campaign, if we hit our fundraising goal, not only will it get Birdland out of the debt caused by the pandemic, but it will allow the venue to weather the rest of this storm and Birdland can remain “The Jazz Corner of the World”.

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