By R. Mitchell

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe wrote a letter earlier this month that indicates China interfered in the 2020 election in the favor of President-elect Joe Biden.

While much of the letter will be difficult to discern for anyone without an intelligence background, there are a few key things to focus upon.

First, CIA analysts were reluctant to truthfully report Chinese interference in the election solely because “they tend to disagree with the administration’s policies.”

Adding that those analysts didn’t want their intelligence work
“to support those policies.”

That’s a clear violation of their oath and destroys any credibility they might have had left with the American people.

But, it wasn’t just the analyst level agents at work against the Trump agenda:

Additionally, the Ombudsman found that CIA Management took actions “pressuring [analysts] to withdraw their support” from a viewpoint on China.

This was seen by National Intelligence Officers (NIO) as politicization,” and I agree.

These people are suborning direct attacks on the United States of America. If you want to hang someone for insurrection – “here’s your sign.”

The memo includes references to tradecraft and deep state analyst’s attempt to cloud their attempts to hide Chinese influence in the election, but there is a lot here that says our intelligence community may not be ours.

Full Text of DNI Ratcliffe’s Letter


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