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Seven Foster-Care/Adoption/Child-Welfare Things That Caught My Eye Today

Foster care was always tough, one more reason to vaccinate children, and more.Foster care was always tough, one more reason to vaccinate children, and more.FeedzyRead More
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1. New York Times: Foster Care Was Always Tough. Covid-19 Made It Tougher

“When a young person ages out of the system, we have in many ways already failed them,” said Rita Soronen, president and chief executive of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. “But this is even more true right now — there’s nothing like a crisis to show how truly vulnerable this group of young people are as they transition to adulthood.”

2. Child Welfare Monitor: Hidden child maltreatment: One more reason to vaccinate teachers and open schools

Data from around the country clearly show that child welfare agencies received fewer reports, conducted fewer investigations, and made fewer findings of child abuse or neglect in times and places where schools were virtual. This fact adds to the many other reasons to open all closed school buildings as soon as possible. Opposition from teachers and their unions has been a major reason for keeping schools virtual. It is understandable that teachers were reluctant to return to buildings. But now, availability of vaccines makes it possible for schools to reopen throughout the country without endangering teachers–as long as all teachers are offered the vaccine before returning to classrooms. The high costs to students of closed school buildings, among which undetected abuse should be included, mean that we should not wait any longer to bring students back to school in person.

3. Naomi Schaefer Riley: When It Comes to Intimate Partner Violence, We Can’t Overlook Child Well-Being

Leave aside for a moment the trauma of witnessing violence, it should be acknowledged that kids who are living with men who beat their mothers are much more likely to be abused themselves. 

Though the USA Today authors argue that “the child welfare system re-victimizes battered women,” the goal of child welfare is not to punish or reward mothers’ choices, but rather to protect children. It is hard to write an article from the perspective of young children, but that seems to be what’s missing here and in so much other journalism about intimate partner violence.

4. New York Times: Foster Care Was Always Tough. Covid-19 Made It Tougher.

5. Father surprises teen with adoption


7. Local Girl Scout organizes virtual event to help foster children who are aging out of the system

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