The media has jumped all over yesterday’s DC/Capitol story, and are dragging it through the mud and muck like a pack of rabid mouth-frothing loons.


The main narrative they’re pushing is that Trump supporters are “domestic terrorists” and “dangerous banshees.”

Just absolute silliness. 

After months of rioting and looting from BLM and Antifa, one day of civil unrest at the Capitol, and Trump supporters are “public enemy #1.”

It’s all so predictable and tiresome, and yet another reason why we hate the media and our government, right?

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Meanwhile, when Democrats “occupy” our state buildings, it’s celebrated by the media as “brave and stunning,” and unarmed women don’t get murdered by Capitol Police.

Check it out:

So, when the left storms the castle it’s amazing and beautiful. But when the right does it, it’s “terrorism.”

Got it. ?

But back to this “dangerous/terrorist” Trump supporter narrative that the media is pushing…is it accurate?

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I actually found some very curious video that contradicts that phony media narrative.

It’s a video from inside the Capitol of very happy-go-lucky cops and protesters, smiling, laughing, and taking selfies.


Does that look like a “dangerous” terror situation?

Granted this is just one instance, with a few people over the course of a few hours, but it still says a lot about the mood?

A mood and a narrative that the media refuses to discuss or address because of course, it doesn’t fit their agenda.


The truth is, we have a leftist/communist propaganda media that is actually more dangerous and deadly than any “terrorist” organization out there.

That’s the reality.


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