Today a large number of protesters storm the U.S. Capitol and sadly a woman was shot and killed.


According to reports, the victim was shot just outside the House Chamber by law enforcement, though the reason behind why she was shot still has not been uncovered.

Here’s some more information on the shooting:

From WUSA9

WASHINGTON — A woman died from injuries after she was shot inside the US Capitol Building as pro-Trump supporters tried to break into the House Chamber, according to the Associated Press.

DC’s Mayor Muriel Bowser and DC Police Chief Robert Contee III also confirmed that a person was shot inside the Capitol Building but did not release much more details about the shooting in their news conference around 5 p.m.

“The behavior we are witnessing is shameful unpatriotic and above all it is unlawful. Anyone who engages in these activities, continues to engage in these activities will be held accountable,” said Bowser in her news conference later Wednesday afternoon.
A lockdown that was in place Wednesday afternoon for the US Capitol Building has been lifted, according to officials.
US Park Police, DC Police and National Gaurd troops have worked to move Trump supporters and rioters gathered at the steps of the US Capitol Building to create a safety perimeter.
Tear gas and percussion grenades have been deployed by police around the US Capitol to move back rioters, according to the Associated Press.

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There are plenty of video’s circulating of a woman being shot at the capitol, which is presumed to be the victim in question.

In that video she appears to be standing opposite of the House Chamber doors, next to what looks like law enforcement officers, and not doing much besides standing there and watching the chaos unfold.

But apparently Fox News guest Matt Schlapp did get a chance to see this video.

During a segment on the Capitol Hill protests, Schlapp spoke about the woman who was killed and suggested that maybe she was doing “terrible things and deserved to be shot.”

Watch the video:


This is such an uncouth and heartless thing to say.

We don’t know all the facts yet surrounding this tragedy and Schlapp should know how to keep his mouth shut and be a decent human being.

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