Why Read Manatee Herald


It's your news

Manatee County is a beautiful place to live and growing every day.  Why should we have limited news outlets?  Do you feel your local news outlets do a good job covering the news?  If you find yourself frustrated with your current options, then you are not alone.  We feel the same way and that is why we have started this website.  It will take some time to get to full coverage and we hope you will support us on this journey.


Sure, we display curated news from various sources, but we are also a locally owned business that is dedicated to bringing you local news on a variety of topics – important, entertainment, sports, politics, and business related stories.  Our model is to leverage technology to bring you fresh content that reflects our community.  The stories shared here are from a variety for sources which is important when getting your news, yet conveniently in one place and in a format and size meant to be consumed in bite sized pieces.  Browse the stories, consume the summaries and headlines, and when you find one that really fits your appetite, click on it for more.  

Manatee Herald is still a start up news and media site.  We will cover local events and stories in an unbiased manner that is fair and balanced.  We will also include opinion content and hope it offers a different perspective for you to enjoy.  But, above all, we believe in responsible journalism. Our goal is to be able to replace many of the sourced news articles with original content by you, staff reporters, business leaders, political figures, and more.  We will be engaging with local leaders, schools, clubs, and organizations to help bring content that is written by them for you.  After all, who better to tell their story to you than them.  We will also work with freelance writers to help round out various content topics that are close to home.  Some of these will be articles about favorite restaurants, local construction projects, exciting business news, and more.

Some examples of stories we hope to see sent in from you are businesses who have an exciting announcement about a new feature or product they are launching, perhaps celebrating one of their employees recent successes, or a personal interest story promoting a good deed that someone did…  The possibilities are endless and many times these are the exact stories we share on social media like Facebook.  For all the reasons Facebook is great, it’s not really all that good at sharing these stories.  Advance algorithms for who sees what and how it’s shared doesn’t maximize who gets to see this content, it limits it.  When these stories are shared on a community news site like ours, any one and everyone can see it!  

Our stories will be free, no pay wall.  You will see ads in various spots.  These ads will be the financial support needed run this business and bring you the news you prefer and also support the community.

Since our model is to crowdsource news to you by you, there may be an occasional article or comment that isn’t appropriate.  We do our best to stay ahead of this type of material, however, if there is a need to report something, please let us know right away so we can have the chance to resolve any issues.

This page only begins to tell our story of why read and support this site.  There is much more to say and much more to come.  Until then…  Thank you.  We hope you enjoy the site.

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