Is another Civil War possible? Here’s what it may look like.

Tales from the Mark Side: The Conservative Voice of Manatee County

Is another Civil War possible? Here’s what it may look like

By Mark Young


There’s been a lot of whispers about the potential of another Civil War given just how divided the factions have become in America.

Is it really possible that lines would be drawn and shots fired?

I think our division, combined with, and fueled by progressive policies that weaken military capability makes us more vulnerable to an outside invasion rather than an internal shooting war.

Besides, leftists are so anti-gun, what would they shoot back with?

And even if they did get their hands on a weapon, most probably couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn if they were standing next to the barn.

Yep, the American versus Progressive Civil War would be over fairly quickly. I don’t even think it would be necessary for America to even fire a single shot.

We just let blue states leave the union. The first thing they will do after forming their own government would be to disarm their citizenship.

We just let their anti-gun laws go into effect and walk across the border to victory.

Which would be easy considering progressives love open borders.

Even if the blue states were smart enough to realize that they should have a military, what would that even look like without the will to budget such a force?

And who would serve in it?

It won’t be the thousands of ANTIFA 20-and-30-year-olds still living in mama’s basement. Getting them out of the house for an ANTIFA riot is already asking a lot.

Which is why people like George Soros has to pay them to riot, but they still only agree with the guarantee that people like Kamala Harris will pay their bail.

I guess Harris and other leftists got tired of flipping that bill so they got blue cities in blue states to just stop the entire bail system anyway and just let the criminals go free.

But they can do whatever they want once we let them have their own country for a little while before we take it back.

I know, I know … saying let blue states leave America sounds like something to celebrate, but here’s the reason why we take those states back.

Once they have left America to become the Progressive Oppressive States, or POS, they are no longer our citizens.

So we take back those states and deport them all to Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, North Korea, Afghanistan, China, etc.

In that scenario, it actually would be a rather civil “war.”

But there are some real dangers associated with America’s ever-growing divide.

History isn’t on our side when it comes to our own self destruction. Just about every great military empire throughout history was never conquered in a sweeping military defeat. They simply imploded from within as politics took over common sense and any semblance of strength eroded over time.

Like some Americans, those great empires assumed they would last forever, that they were invincible. We all know what assumptions get us.

For those empires who were militarily conquered over time, it was a similar “progressive” movement that weakened them internally to the point of vulnerability. From there, they were eventually destroyed by outside forces.

The current political environment within America is moving in that direction. We have never been more vulnerable than we are right now.

We had a brief reprieve under President Trump where our enemies backed off, but between Biden and eight years of Obama, we are ripe for the taking, as we tend to be under long-term liberal leadership.

If you don’t see those real dangers, you simply aren’t paying attention.

Still, the likelihood of a traditional American vs. Progressive Civil War is not likely given our current military and law enforcement structure. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have the capability for self-destruction if we continue to allow liberal policies to shape the future.

Civil War? Probably not, but I know for a fact that patriots remain on guard and there is only so long that conservatives are willing to let America remain in peril from internal enemies.

I, for one, would never condone violence. But like most conservatives, when push comes to shove, I’m not against it either. I took an oath and it’s an oath that never expires.

So I’ll close with this: Let’s go Brandon! Let’s go Brandon!

Jax Kar Wash raises money for We Care Manatee

Manatee, FL – October 19, 2021: 

In a generous demonstration of Jax Kar Wash’s commitment to our local community, the car wash recently donated a total of $3,200 to We Care Manatee, Inc through a combination of customer donations and a very generous corporate donation.  Additionally, Jax Kar Wash helped raise awareness of We Care Manatee’s programs by advertising the non-profit during a weeklong campaign and providing We Care Manatee the opportunity to provide customers information in-person about the organization’s available programs, including the nonprofit’s breast health program providing free mammograms to uninsured women. 


About We Care Manatee

We Care Manatee facilitates free medical care to low-income uninsured residents of Manatee County with the support of more than 70 Manatee County medical specialists, who generously donate their time to serve Manatee County residents. We Care Manatee is supported by Manatee County Government, Community Foundation of Sarasota County, Manatee Community Foundation, the Florida Foundation of Free and Charitable Clinics, and many generous donors.  For information contact visit our https://www.wecaremanatee.org/

City of Bradenton Council Corner: Ward Three, Patrick Roff, October Update

Patrick Roff is currently serving his fourth term on the City Council. He also takes his service “on the road” so to speak, serving as past Vice-Chair and Treasurer of the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, Vice-Chair of the Manatee-Sarasota Metropolitan Planning Organization, and Secretary/Treasurer of the Manasota League of Cities. He also serves on the League of Cities Florida State Board of Directors, the USF Advisory Council, the SRQ Advisory Council, and the Advisory Board of the Sarasota-Bradenton Regional Airport.

The City of Bradenton publishes a regular newsletter that includes a section where one of the members on the City of Bradenton Council shares some information.  Below is a copy of Councilman Patrick Roff’s “Council Corner”.

Our Public Works & Utilities Department is working hard, obviously, but we as citizens can do a lot to help them, too. Let’s make it our business to help them by placing yard waste neatly in stacks and without blocking a sidewalk.

Place loose leaves and grass in a bag or can. Let’s educate ourselves on proper recycling collection as well.

Below is photo to learn – or just to refresh your memory – about what can and can’t be recycled.

Incidentally, if a tree service trims your trees or takes a tree down on your property, it is their responsibility to take away what they took down.

Thanks so much for learning more about how to be a more responsible citizen.

City of Bradenton Yard Waste extra effort is making a difference

A severe shortage of workers in the Solid Waste industry has caused Public Works & Utilities departments nationwide to resort to drastic measures to account for the collection of garbage, recycling and yard waste. Here in Bradenton, while we continue to pick up garbage every week, we have temporarily shifted the collection of yard waste and recycling to alternate weeks.

That every-other-week plan has affected our pickup of yard waste the most. Those bunches of leaves, grass, and tree branches pile up quickly, and once a truck is full to brimming, it has to be emptied before it can hold more.

The real issue, though – drivers. The City has increased pay for CDL drivers and is currently offering a sign-on bonus and retention incentives. The more immediate issue – picking up your yard waste.

Twice now, and maybe a third time upcoming, Public Works & Utilities employees have volunteered to work on Saturday to help the City catch up with yard waste collection. These are not just employees from the Solid Waste Division. Some of them are from Landscape & Grounds, Electrical, and Water Treatment divisions.

These Saturday efforts are to the tune of $10,369.60 in overtime pay so far to help the City get more caught up where yard waste is concerned. Mayor Gene and Gina Brown, and Jim McLellan, Director of Public Works & Utilities, have been among the Saturday crews. At a recent City Council meeting, the Mayor read the names of all the Saturday workers because he wanted them to get their proper due. That’s why we’re doing it here, too:

First of all, four people – Craig Keys (Public Works); Gabriel Hornes (Streets); Mike Armato (Water Distribution); and Roberto Ramirez (Drainage) – have worked both Saturdays. Others who gave up a Saturday to help out were: Bert Lawton, Brian Cho, Calvert White, Corbett Matthews, Garrett Falcon, Jason McNeil, Juan Colon, Lamont Stuckey, Wes Silenceux, Ollie Anderson, Stanley King, and Pierce Johnson, all of the Solid Waste Division; Jatazious Wright, Kelvet Fuller, Lester Johnson, Scott Marciano, Todd O’Donnell, and Billy Jones of the Landscape & Grounds Division; Marco Edmond and Jude Placide of Streets; Jesse Gonzalez and Sunil Ditta of Electrical; Lavanus Bowen of Fleet; Phillip Campbell of Water Distribution; Quinton Jamison of Sewer; John Simmons of Drainage; and James Eberstein of Water Treatment.

Using nine rear-load garbage trucks, four boom grapple trucks, a pickup truck/trailer combo, and CDL drivers from other divisions, Saturday workers collected a combined 136 tons on the two days; a usual weekday solid waste run is approximately 15-20 tons.

Well done!

These employees deserve more than a little extra pay and a pat on the back, and our thanks is truly genuine. Director McLellan, whose respect and appreciation for his employees is already noteworthy, had this to say about the Saturday efforts: “I could not be prouder of our staff. Knowing that our Solid Waste team is dealing with an unprecedented problem, these folks volunteered to give up part of their weekends to help Solid Waste meet the needs of our City. No better definition of a team.”

Port Manatee container trade skyrockets 53.3 percent in record fiscal 2021

Record containerized cargo volume is flowing through Port Manatee, including via 53-foot-long ocean containers and an expanded vessel fleet of Port Manatee-based World Direct Shipping.

PALMETTO, Florida – Port Manatee’s skyrocketing containerized cargo trade continues to rise to record heights – soaring more than 53 percent in the just-ended fiscal year – while total cargo tonnage moving through the seaport has also reached an all-time high, according to figures reported today [Tuesday, Oct. 19].

In its fiscal year ended Sept. 30, a record 135,660 twenty-foot-equivalent container units crossed the docks of Central and Southwest Florida’s preferred gateway for global commerce, up 53.3 percent from moves of 88,466 TEUs in the preceding 12-month period. The fiscal 2021 figure is more than 3 1/2 times the 38,361 TEUs handled by Port Manatee just three years earlier, in fiscal 2018.

Port Manatee also achieved a record in total cargo tonnage in fiscal 2021, with 10,451,566 short tons handled, up 12.1 percent from 9,327,043 tons in fiscal 2020 and eclipsing the prior pinnacle of 10,081,743 tons handled in fiscal 2019.

                “The pandemic has by no means slowed the safe, efficient flow of cargo through Port Manatee as we proficiently meet demands of consumers for everything from fresh produce to forest products,” said Carlos Buqueras, executive director of Manatee County’s dynamic seaport. “And, with completion of our expanded dockside container yard and additional infrastructure enhancements on the horizon, Port Manatee is ideally positioned to sustain its cargo volume surge.”

The soon-to-be-completed expansion is more than doubling the size of the paved facility adjoining Port Manatee’s Berth 12 and 14 docks, bringing the yard’s extent to 21.9 acres.

Propelling the past year’s rise in Port Manatee container volume are a pair of carriers – World Direct Shipping and Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A. Inc. WDS, based at Port Manatee, has added a third company-owned vessel and a fleet of 53-foot-long ocean containers to its expanding services offering the fastest short-sea link between Mexico and the U.S. Southeast since 2014. Meanwhile, the Del Monte unit, bringing Latin American fruit to its Southeast distribution center at the port since 1989, has completed its shift to new-generation, energy-efficient containerships.

Measured in short tons, Port Manatee’s fiscal 2021 container trade also hit a high mark, reaching 1,012,376 tons, up 51.4 percent from 668,672 tons in fiscal 2020.

Forest product tonnage moving through Port Manatee in fiscal 2021 was more than 2.3 times that of the preceding 12-month period, rising to 331,024 tons from 142,312 tons a year earlier. The volume of wood pulp – including that used in manufacture of much-in-demand toilet paper – reached 138,950 tons, more than four times the fiscal 2020 volume of 26,373 tons, while tonnage of plywood and particle board more than tripled, to 63,038 tons from 15,366 tons. Lumber volume rose 28.3 percent, to 129,036 tons from 100,573 tons.

The flow of petroleum products through Port Manatee remained strong as well, with the 9,376,621 barrels (393,818,082 gallons) moving through the seaport in fiscal 2021 down just 0.7 percent from 9,441,488 barrels (396,542,454 gallons) a year earlier.

                “Port Manatee is continuing its extraordinary course of record activity while fulfilling the needs of our region and beyond,” said Reggie Bellamy, chairman of the Manatee County Port Authority. “At the same time, we and our industry partners are augmenting our significant contributions to economic prosperity.”

Located “Where Tampa Bay Meets the Gulf of Mexico,” Port Manatee is the closest U.S. deepwater seaport to the expanded Panama Canal, with 10 40-foot-draft berths serving container, bulk, breakbulk, heavylift, project and general cargo customers. The self-sustaining port generates more than $3.9 billion in annual economic impacts while providing for more than 27,000 direct and indirect jobs, all without benefit of local property tax support.

Parkwood Dental 4th Annual Candy Buy Back to Kick off No Cavity November

Bradenton, FL (October 18, 2021) Earn cash for your candy and support a soldier! This Halloween, trick-or-treaters can bring their excess candy to Parkwood Dental and receive $1 per pound.

“Tooth decay is one of the most common childhood diseases. One in four children suffers from having at least one cavity before entering kindergarten. Visiting your dentist twice a year and brushing daily are great preventative measures, but doing away with excess sweets altogether would really give your teeth a healthy boost,” says Dr. Hernandez.

Candy, as well as hurting children’s teeth, can lead to hyperactivity and weight gain. In some cases, the wrong types of candy can also lead to broken and damaged braces and teeth.

“Kids can still have all of the fun of trick-or-treating, and now their piggy banks will benefit as well. We chose to continue the Halloween Candy Buy Back to help parents who want to limit the amount of damage that can be done to their children’s teeth,” says Jodie, Practice Administrator.

This 4th annual candy buy back event kicks off ‘No Cavity November’ where dental hygienists from our local offices will demonstrate good brushing and flossing skills while giving out toothbrushes and paste to Manatee County schools as a dental health awareness community outreach effort.

Candy will be collected at Parkwood Dental the day after Halloween from 8 to 5 and throughout that week at both locations. The candy will then be shipped to troops overseas. Each child is eligible to receive $1 per pound up to five (5) pounds for all unopened, uneaten candy. Plus, we will provide paper and writing utensils for anyone that would like to create a letter for those serving our country.

Parkwood Dental specializes in preventive care, dental treatments, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic services. Our office is led by Dr. Oscar Hernandez, Jr.; a licensed general dentist with over 28 years experience creating healthy smiles for happy patients. Dr. Hernandez works hard to raise public awareness of the benefits of healthy eating and great dental hygiene.

Additional event information can be found when visiting www.Parkwooddental.us. Call (941) 753.1432 with your questions or to schedule.

Don’t worry, Biden’s task forces are on the job

Tales from the Mark Side: The Conservative Voice in Manatee County

Don’t worry, Biden’s task forces are on the job

By Mark Young


Don’t you feel comforted every time a politician like Joe Biden says, “I’ve appointed a task force,” to handle whatever emerging crisis we are facing next thanks to this administration?


Me neither.

Biden insists he has been working on the supply challenges for the past eight months and, of course, the White House said a “task force,” was on the job.

Biden’s ultimate solution to the supply challenge is to work with two major ports on the west coast to run operations 24/7. He went so far as to get on television to gloat about what a genius he is.

It took eight months and a “task force” to come up with that idea?

Every time this administration announces they have a task force on the job I picture just about any episode of the Three Stooges where the trio try to resolve a problem.

I’ve seen more effective planning come out of a Little Rascals meeting at the “He-Man Woman Haters Club.”

I’m shocked these woke cancel-culture people haven’t gone after that show. Or maybe they have and I missed it because it’s hard to keep up with their nonsense.

Nonsense like the Seattle elementary school canceling their Halloween parade because four or five “students of color” don’t participate.

Yeah, punish the majority because a handful of kids don’t want to participate. I’m sure those four or five students will be very popular thanks to your ridiculous logic.

Apparently the left is now saying “students of color” don’t participate in Halloween because they can’t afford costumes. So, according to their logic, Halloween must be bad because it doesn’t provide equity.

I grew up in a frugal household. My costumes were either old sheets with eyes cut out or my face was painted red with old lipstick and I had horns and a pitchfork made out of aluminum foil.

All I cared about was the candy and I’d wager that’s all today’s kids care about, too. I even put on my brother’s football jacket and chewed a piece of gum one year and went as a teenager.

I worked out the problem and didn’t need or even think about wanting some fancy costume. Apparently my conservative brain was already in full development as a child.

The left’s disparaging remarks about Halloween and an assumption that the holiday has no equity for kids of color is not only racist in and of itself, but it’s assuming “students of color,” are too poor to partake.

It’s  the same liberal logic inside the White House that is trying to tell you the cause of the supply shortages. It’s partly that COVID is the new Russian collusion so everything bad is COVID’s fault.

But now the White House yokels are saying, “Oh the economy is so good that people are buying more than ever,” the White House tells you. “It’s not a supply challenge, it’s a demand challenge because our economy is so good.”

Liar, liar, pants on fire. Give me a break and that’s what you get when you appoint a former small town mayor as Secretary of Transportation. I know, it’s shocking right? Who would have thought that wasn’t going to turn out well?

Liberals really believe that if they lie to you enough, you will begin to believe it. It works on other liberals, but doesn’t work for the rest of us normal folk.

I mentioned this in my last piece, but I saw a new comment where someone was making another argument that Trump colluded with the Russians and called me a liar.

You just can’t make this stuff up, and I hate repeating myself, but it’s really important to remember that the whole Russian collusion thing exploded immediately after the DNC emails were leaked. Every Democrat in Washington took to the airwaves with the same talking point and their media allies spread it like wildfire while ignoring the substance of the emails.

It was nothing but a shiny object to distract the sheep from the fact that the DNC denigrated their own voting block as being ignorant while admitting that they rely on that ignorance to achieve power. Boy, if you could put a picture on the word “irony,” that would be it.

And the lady called me a liar? Liberalism is a disease and can’t be cured with facts.

Maybe she needs a Biden task force to help her figure out the world around her. I’m sure that would work out well.

Almost as well as the southern border and Kamala Harris’s plan to “address the root causes of immigration,” instead of actually addressing illegal immigration at … oh, I don’t know, maybe the border itself?

They don’t even have a shiny object to throw out to their sheep to distract the left from the immigration debacle. They just ignore it outright, which I guess is better than trying to lie about what a success the Afghanistan withdrawal was.

Things have gotten so bad that even Superman has decided to no longer, “Work for the American way,” as DC Comics joins the anti-American woke cancel culture.

Makes me wonder what’s next for Wonder Woman and the Amazonians. The Incredible Hulk will probably be “smashed” for being too masculine and Bat Man and Spider Man will have to change their names to Bat Person and Spider Person.

The left doesn’t like labels, but they love to label conservatives. Just read the comments if you want proof, and if you want a good laugh.

Braden River Soccer Club Hosts Golazo Gala Fundraiser

BRADENTON, FL – October 14, 2021 – Braden River Soccer Club is hosting the Golazo Gala, a fundraising event on December 3rd, 2021 at 6:30 pm at Gold Coast Eagle Distributing in Lakewood Ranch. Named after the slang term for an amazing, stunning goal in soccer, the gala will feature a silent auction, a DJ, and photo booth. Attendees should dress to impress (semi-formal) and come have a wonderful, exhilarating evening to help raise funds for the club.

The cost of admission is $99 and all proceeds from the event will go toward adding more programming, replacing equipment, and continuing to hire quality staff, as well as field maintenance and the daily running of the club. The event is open to the public, but all attendees must be 21 years or older to attend. The club is also taking donations for silent auction items from anyone interested in donating. For more information about the event and to purchase tickets or donate to the auction, visit https://bradenriversoccer.org/event/golazo-gala/

BRSC President Terry Moriarty said, “I am very excited about our inaugural Golazo Gala. This is our first ever adults only fundraising event that should be a lot of fun for everyone who attends. As soccer parents and club administrators, we do not often get a chance to dress up and spend a few hours socializing together without our children. I am looking forward to a great night and helping the club raise funds to continue with its mission of providing quality programs for the children and young adults of our community.”

Gold Coast Eagle Distributing will provide beer and wine, while a catered dinner will also be provided during the event. The silent auction will feature items such as sports tickets, sports memorabilia, and numerous themed gifts baskets such as wine, lottery tickets, golf and more.


Braden River Soccer Club (BRSC) is a 501c (3) non-profit youth soccer organization serving nearly 1,500 boys and girls in Manatee & Sarasota Counties. Located in beautiful Lakewood Ranch/Bradenton, Florida. Our club continues to provide professional training staff with top soccer licensing committed to training, nurturing, and developing young talented children in our community.

Ever think what life in Florida would be like if Andrew Gillum had won the 2018 election?

Tales from the Mark Side: The Conservative Voice of Manatee County

Ever think what life in Florida would be like if Andrew Gillum had won the 2018 election?

By Mark Young


I admit that, at times, I tend not to think about how grateful I should be during the good times. But eventually I get a moment to reflect on how different things could really be.

An example of that has to be the all-too close 2018 election between our current Gov. Ron DeSantis and the nightmare that would have been Andrew Gillum.

Can you imagine what Florida would be like right now under Gillum’s leadership?

It would be lockdowns, business closures, mask mandates, an economy in free fall and Florida becoming a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants.

I sure wish liberals would learn the difference between a migrant and an illegal immigrant. I mean what part of “illegal” don’t you understand and quit calling them migrants.

Anyway, Gillum was already destroying the economy in Tallahassee as a one-term mayor and the city saw record spikes in crime so I guess the best way out of his own failings was to run for governor.

Can you even imagine if Gillum was governor during this ridiculous defund the police movement? He would have jumped on that train like an illegal immigrant heading to Texas.

I hear Gillum is rebounding from his motel scandal where he was found passed out naked with a male escort and baggies of drugs in the room, something to this day Gillum said was a “set up.”

It was a set up, actually. It was set up by Gillum on Grindr.

I honestly don’t care what people do in their private lives, but I do care if they lie about it. If you lie about something illegal you’ve been caught doing, you have no business in politics.

Wait, I realize how that sounds as I sounded it out in my head.

In reality, liars fit right into politics, especially liberals who seem to love electing scandalous politicians to office.

I honestly think Gillum’s pre-election play date in a Miami motel room is what made the election so close. It just fits the progressive narrative. The more corrupt a politician is, the more progressives like them.

Remember Marion Barry, who served as mayor of Washington D.C. from 1979 to 1991? He got caught smoking crack during a federal drug sting. Barry couldn’t run in the next election because of his drug charges and did a six-month stint in federal prison.

That didn’t stop liberals from putting him back into office when he ran and won reelection in 1995.

At least Barry admitted to it, though. Even “cracked” a few jokes, pardon the pun.

Or how about Democrat Joe Morrissey who won a Virginia state senate seat in 2019 after he was disbarred as an attorney in 2014. He took a plea deal for indecent liberties with a child instead of going to trial on a statutory rape charge.

Morrissey bragged on a social media site about having sex with his 17-year-old intern multiple times and seemed particularly proud of the fact that they did it on the floor, “for good measure.”

Morrssey ran for the state senate seat in 2019 and won with 60% of the vote.

Morrissey had other sexual accusations against him and had been suspended twice and jailed five times as an attorney before losing his license for good.

And he still won. By 60% of the vote no less. Where was the #metoo folks when this was happening?

It’s mind boggling.

Politicians in both parties have scandals, but Democrats seem not to care before the election even happens.

Republicans are a little different about pre-election scandals and tend to punish elected officials for scandals while in office by voting them out. Hell, some Republicans even put the most conservative policy maker in modern American history out of the White House for mean tweets.

But then again, Virginia voters also elected Terry McAuliff to the governor’s office. Another progressive who is destroying that state and believes parents don’t have a say in what their children are taught.

I can hear the progressives cheering now.

He’s up for reelection on Nov. 2. An interesting side note is that when you Google Terry McAuliff, he comes up as the “former governor of Virginia.”

Hope Google has it right.

At least Barry did some time and was charged, unlike Gillum. Federal agents found several “baggies” of drugs in the room, including methamphetamine.

By that time, we already knew Democrats were not being charged with crimes thanks to Hillary Clinton who set the precedent with illegally destroying evidence. And we would later learn just how embedded the FBI was with the DNC and the Clinton campaign.

Now, of course, we know just how involved in the fake collusion story Clinton was, but there will never be any justice when it comes to powerful Democrats. They get away with murder, and I mean that literally. Clinton is still responsible for the deaths of brave Americans in Benghazi and spreading lies in partnership with their media allies.

I hear a lot of people say, “Oh, Hillary was fully investigated and they found she didn’t do anything wrong.”

Sorry, but that’s BS and if you believe that, I’m afraid I have to be the one to tell you that there is no Easter bunny either.

She was “investigated” in the same way the FBI “investigated” her knowingly destroying evidence. It’s a sham and if you don’t believe in the corrupt deep state who cover their own, it’s time to tell you there is no Santa Claus either.

She’s guilty and facts don’t lie even if the FBI does.

Liberal rag GQ did a big piece on Gillum earlier this year and he continues to try to dig his way back into the political spectrum. He’ll probably succeed because he’s a progressive liberal and, as noted, they love putting scandalous politicians into office.

Gov. DeSantis has been a wonderful leader for our state and thank God he won. It should have never been that close.

DeSantis is going to make a great president at some point soon, but I’m not ready to lose his leadership here at home. We’ll see how that plays out when and if President Trump makes an announcement.

Spoiler alert, he’s going to run.

I don’t understand how Democrats continue to put bad leadership into blue state offices. I would love to hear from a Democrat on whether they really believe the leadership in states like California, Michigan, Oregon and others are doing a good job.

Enlighten me on how high crime, out-of-control homelessness, economic hardships, government control over individual freedoms, ridiculous tax rates and COVID-related mandates make an environment in which you want to raise a family.

No, thank God for DeSantis and thank God for a lot of our local conservative leadership in Manatee County, as well.

I’ll talk about that soon. We have strong Republican leadership, but we can make it stronger.

Manatee County 1-Mill Referendum For Education Debate

BRADENTON, FLORIDA, October 13, 2021 – Manatee Tiger Bay Club will host the 1- Mill Referendum for Education Renewal debate on October 21st at 11:30 AM. The debate will take place at Pier 22 in Bradenton, Florida.

Panelist included in the October 21st Debate include Garin C. Hoover, Superintendent for Manatee County Schools Cynthia Saunders, and Ernie Withers Co-Chair Forward Manatee. Speakers details attached to release.

The 1-mill Referendum was last approved in 2018 during a special election and set to expire on June 30, 2022.

Request to attend the debate by emailing Tonya Updegraff, Manatee Tiger Bay Club at admin@manateetigerbayclub.org.

About Manatee Tiger Bay Club

Manatee Tiger Bay Club, Inc., established in 2009, is a non-partisan organization formed to present exciting, stimulating, and thought-provoking programs with topics ranging from political, social, local, state to national issues. We are a club geared to serve local businesses and community members. New members and guests are welcome. Speakers are politicians, elected officials, community leaders, public affairs experts, and citizens deeply involved in the topic at hand. Presentations are followed by a Q&A from our members.

We meet on Thursdays of each month at Pier 22 Ballroom, downtown Bradenton on the Manatee River. Doors open at 11:15 am for a social time among members and guests. Tiger Bay’s president will announce the start of the program at noon.  Lunch will then be served to attendees. The program will end at 1 p.m.