The science behind liberalism and conservatism

Tales from the Mark side: The conservative voice of Manatee County

By Mark Young

We as human beings are similar in so many ways and yet so very different. Nothing defines our divide like politics.

Have you ever wondered why?

I’m sure if you are a conservative, you have probably wracked your brain like I have when trying to understand the black hole that is liberal logic. And I’m sure, like me, you have come away from that experience more perplexed than ever. Well, there is a lot of reading material out there on why liberals are so different from conservatives. I came across several studies that prove areas of gray matter are enlarged in separate brain areas of conservatives and liberals.
Both areas impact the critical thought process and emotional response to information, but both are different in how the process works.

But is liberalism a mental disorder as many conservatives, including me, have claimed? Well, let’s follow the science, something liberals say we should do, but never actually do. I believe it was last year that the Pew Research Center showed a viable link between liberalism and mental disorders, particularly among young white liberals. The Pew study showed 62% of young white liberals were told by their doctors that they have a mental disorder.

The Washington Times, in April of this year did a piece on the study which shows liberalism, “forces its followers to wallow in feelings of helplessness and victimhood,” as opposed to “building resilience against hardship,” which combats depression. That inner working of a liberal brain makes them much more susceptible to things like “white guilt,” and other levels of nonsense.

Pew pointed out that an overwhelming number of liberals believed the false narratives pushed by the left that 1,000 blacks were “murdered” by police in 2019 following the death of George Floyd. In fact, there were 13 black people killed by police in 2019. The liberal Washington Post reported that from 2015 through this year that 1,552 blacks were killed by police compared to 2,962 whites. The number of Hispanics killed were similar to the number of blacks and more than 230 Native Americans also were killed by police, but no ever mentions Hispanics or Native Americans. Conservatives do because we believe that all lives matter, to include police lives. Of course the media likes to push the narrative that blacks are killed more disproportionately than whites based on percentages simply because there are more whites than blacks. It’s an easy argument to make but lacks substance.

The media doesn’t do its job very well, but that shouldn’t be a surprise at this point. If they did, they would take into account the facts surrounding the shootings, the criminal history of those shot and the high-crime areas involving the shootings. They don’t do that. Or perhaps they do and decide it doesn’t fit their anti-police, racist narratives that lead liberals down a mentally dangerous path of white guilt and self-loathing. 

You’ve seen how much these young white liberals hate themselves for being white. It’s beyond comprehension, but once you understand that there is an actual answer to your question of, “What is wrong with these people?” perhaps some level of empathy can replace the frustration? Perhaps just knowing that a mental illness might be causing young white liberals to get on their knees and lick the boots of a black man in a display of asking for forgiveness for their whiteness will bring conservatives some relief. Nah, not for me either.

I grew up an Army brat and then joined myself. I never saw color growing up and I only see it now when it’s forced upon me. When I was battling liberal logic for four years as a columnist in Nebraska, there was a very loud and aggressive group of liberals who attacked me on a regular basis. However, attacks are not the same thing as presenting an argument and they could never dispute my facts or bring a logical argument to the table. The debates always ended with me being called a name and them storming off into their black hole existence. The one thing that would offend them is when I actually called them a liberal.

Back in 2010 or so, liberals were desperately trying to get away from the negative aspects of the word. Instead, they insisted they were not liberals, but progressives. Progressive sounds a lot more appealing until the real progressives actually took over their party and now liberals no longer want to be called progressives. Now they are desperately trying to reclaim their liberal title.

Oh the hell it must be to be trapped inside a liberal mind.

Now, I’m certainly not saying every liberal is mentally ill, but I’d say the Pew Research Center’s 62% is fairly accurate. The scary part is that number will increase as liberalism continues to infect our education system. It has had a firm hold on our universities for decades but as you’ve seen, it is now rampant in our K-12 schools. But I still know moderate liberals and they can still present a decent argument whether I agree with them or not. And it’s a myth that moderate liberals and conservatives disagree on everything.

Conservatives for the most part absolutely believe that we need to take care of our environment. We just happen to also believe that drilling and pipelines can be done safely. Now I do part ways with a lot of conservatives in saying gay marriage is absolutely fine. I just personally believe that everyone has the right to be miserable.

Liberals, the research shows, are highly prone to fear-based media coverage. About 90% of liberals believe that you have a 50% chance of being hospitalized from COVID-19. Only 10% knew that the correct answer is between 1 and 5%.

The research indicates that liberals are much more prone to the misinformation spread by fear mongering media outlets. Just look at how the local media has covered things like COVID and red tide. I know for a fact that my former editors milked public health stories for all they were worth. That’s not to say COVID or red tide isn’t real, but at some point editors knew they were manipulating the stories to get those all-valuable clicks to make themselves look good.

However, because liberals are so susceptible to misinformation, it contributes to the decline in their mental health, the study noted. It’s ironic considering that the actions of the liberal media in Manatee County are contributing to hurting their liberal readers. Ironic, but self-servingly sad.

It also shows why liberal-run states have handled the pandemic so differently and why some of those states continue to suffer the economic pains of shutdowns and ridiculous mandates. But you’ll also notice how many of these Democratic leaders make over-the-top restrictions but never abide by their own rules.

The Washington Times concludes that, “Yes, there’s a lot of drawbacks to believing in liberalism.”

I would have to agree. 

Laugh and Learn Daycare employee facing aggravated child abuse charges

On September 16, 2021, Bradenton PD detectives responded to Manatee Memorial Hospital to assist Child Protective Services with an injured child investigation. The report stated a four-month-old child suffered a leg fracture and was being transferred to All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg.

Thalia Camarillo

Subsequent investigation determined the incident took place at the Laugh and Learn Daycare, 200 3rd Ave E in Bradenton. Detectives were able to obtain a search warrant for security camera footage from the daycare. The footage showed an employee, Thalia Camarillo of Ellenton, hitting the infant with an open hand several times. The video then shows her aggressively twisting and bending the infant’s right leg, causing the injury.

Today, September 22, 2021, Camarillo was arrested and charged with Aggravated Child Abuse, a first-degree felony. This investigation is ongoing. The video is evidence and will not be released at this time.

Anyone who may have information regarding this incident is asked to contact Detective Santana at (941) 932-9355. You may also email your information to BPDTIPS@BRADENTONPD.COM or remain anonymous and be eligible for a cash reward of up to $3,000, call Crime Stoppers (toll-free) 1-866-634-8477 (TIPS) or send an anonymous E-Tip thru the web at www.manateecrimestoppers.com.

Bradenton Police Department Forfeiture Grant Program Awards

Today, at the Bradenton City Council Meeting, Chief Melanie Bevan awarded eight organizations over $18,000 in funding from the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Fund Award Program. The purpose of this program is to provide support to neighborhood agencies and organizations engaged in projects that seek to improve neighborhood safety, promote crime prevention, drug prevention, drug education, drug treatment services, or school resource officer programs. This is accomplished by offering to fund neighborhood groups, associations, or organizations which have developed specific projects to address these areas of concern.

The Funding Approval Committee reviewed all applications and approved the allocation of funds for the following organizations:

  • Boys & Girls Club of Manatee County
  • Manatee County Girls Club, Inc. “Just for Girls”
  • Bradenton Police Explorer Post #1004
  • New Manatee Broncos
  • Drug-Free Manatee
  • Pace Center for Girls
  • Humane Society of Manatee County
  • Replay Outreach, Inc.

This program is a highlight of our unofficial motto, “One City, One Team,” fostering relationships and investing in the future of our community.

Manatee County accepting applications for Children’s Services Advisory Board

MANATEE COUNTY, FL (Sept. 22, 2021) – Manatee County is now accepting applications for six open seats on the Children’s Services Advisory Board (CSAB). The volunteer board makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners about priorities and expenditures of the County’s dedicated millage for children’s services.

The CSAB typically meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 3 p.m. in the Manatee County Administrative Center, 1112 Manatee Ave. W., Bradenton. The board meets weekly during the annual program funding review process and for a full-day retreat in October each year. 

The following open seats on the CSAB are for three-year terms that begin Oct. 1: 

  • one Department of Children & Family representative;
  • one Licensed Mental Health representative;
  • one United Way representative;
  • two child advocates, not affiliated with any agency receiving County funds.
  • There is also one open seat on the CSAB for a one-year term that began in 2019 and will expire Sept. 30, 2022. This vacancy is for one child advocate, not affiliated with any agency receiving County funds.

Employees, owners or voting board members of agencies that receive funding from Manatee County, or individuals who contract with agencies that receive County funding, are not eligible to serve as a child advocate on this advisory board. To qualify for consideration, applicants must be residents of Manatee County. 

Applications must be submitted by Wed., Sept. 29 at 3 p.m. Applications must include:  1) Advisory Board Application, 2) Children’s Services Advisory Board Supplemental Questions (Page 4 of the Advisory Board Application), and 3) a resume or a Curriculum Vitae (CV).  The application and supplemental questionnaire can be found on the County’s website

For more information, call (941) 748-4501 ext. 3485 or email Kristi.Hagen@mymanatee.org 

For more information on Manatee County Government, visit www.mymanatee.org or call (941) 748-4501. You can also follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/manatee.county.fl and on Twitter @ManateeGov.

Two Manatee County Inspector General team members attain industry certification

Bradenton, Fla. — The Manatee County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller’s Office is proud to announce that two of our Inspector General team members were awarded certifications through the Association of Inspectors General (AIG). On August 27, 2021, Senior Auditors’ Glen Riley and Jennifer Bal attained certification as Certified Inspector General Investigators (CIGI). 

The Association awards these designations to individuals who meet certain eligibility requirements regarding education and experience and upon successful completion of the certification program. The CIGI program curriculum includes a week of intensive training presented by instructors who are current or former inspectors general (IG) and senior IG staff, along with experts in investigative, forensic, and related disciplines. The curriculum covers a variety of subjects, including ethics, legal issues, professional standards, and investigative techniques. Participants are required to pass an exit examination upon completion of the course.

Angel Colonneso, Manatee County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller, says she is extremely proud of this accomplishment. “These certifications show the dedication that our Inspector General team has to attain the highest standard for investigations. They are extremely professional, and they are committed to upholding industry standards,” said Colonneso. 

As a designated Inspector General Office, our team has the opportunity to access extensive training in investigative techniques. Additionally, this designation provides another layer of assurance concerning investigations that our office will undertake. 

The Association of Inspectors General is a non-profit, membership organization for agencies and professions in the inspector general community. Its mission is to promote “excellence in the inspector general community by establishing and encouraging adherence to quality standards, sponsoring professional development and networking opportunities, certifying individuals in IG-specific disciplines, supporting offices in governmental and external relations, and inspiring governmental entities to embrace the inspector general model as an effective tool in the fight to combat waste, fraud, and abuse.”

About the Clerk’s Office

The Clerk of Circuit Court was established as a public trustee by the Florida Constitution in 1838. The Clerk of the Circuit Court serves as the Clerk of Courts, the Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners, Auditor, Recorder, and Custodian of all County Funds. In Manatee County, the Clerk’s office also administers a local child support enforcement program, violence protection advocacy program, and Teen Court programs. Located at 1115 Manatee Avenue West in downtown Bradenton, the Courthouse is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Please be sure to visit our website at: www.manateeclerk.com.

The Manatee County Clerk’s Office introduces a new service: New Cases Filed Today

The Manatee County Clerk of the Circuit Court proudly introduces a new service—New Cases Filed Today. New Cases Filed Today provides a list of recent court cases that populate as the cases are filed with our office. Cases include county civil, misdemeanors, and traffic infractions, to name a few. The list resets every day at midnight to display new cases filed over the next 24 hours. 

Customers searching for a new court case do not require any search keywords. Additionally, customers will save time by visiting a singular page to view all new court cases.

To access our new service, visit www.ManateeClerk.com and click on Court Records. On the Public Records Hub homepage, you will click on the New Cases Filed Today button. It is important to note that this list will continue to grow in size throughout the day, so check back regularly if you do not find your case the first time. 

This new feature displays all civil, family, and criminal cases publicly viewable by law per Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.420.

About the Clerk’s Office

The Clerk of Circuit Court was established as a public trustee by the Florida Constitution in 1838. The Clerk of the Circuit Court serves as the Clerk of Courts, the Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners, Auditor, Recorder, and Custodian of all County Funds. In Manatee County, the Clerk’s office also administers a local child support enforcement program, violence protection advocacy program, and Teen Court programs. Located at 1115 Manatee Avenue West in downtown Bradenton, the Courthouse is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Please be sure to visit our website at: www.manateeclerk.com.

Bradenton welcomes business incubators

Mayor Brown, along with Manatee County Administrator Dr. Scott Hopes, welcomed participants of the Florida Business Incubation Association to their annual conference in Bradenton last week.

The FBIA supports the development of business incubation programs throughout the state. Mayor Brown and Dr. Hopes encouraged local business growth and innovation in Bradenton and Manatee County.

Bradenton CRA Director Katerina Gerakios-Siren attended as well, to encourage additional capital investment in support of our existing and start-up businesses.

Manatee Chamber Announces Finalists for 41st Annual Small Business of the Year Awards

(Manatee County, FL) – The Manatee Chamber is pleased to announce the finalists for the 41st Annual Manatee Small Business of the Year Awards. With more than 230 nominations, 67 small businesses and 23 non-profit organizations have been selected as finalists. The outpouring of support and appreciation for all that our businesses have been through is a recognition of the critical role that small, local businesses and non-profit organizations have as the bedrock of our community.

These local businesses and non-profit organizations are recognized for stellar customer service, dedication to employees, business/organization growth, and support of our community.

2021 Award Finalists:
A & A Trailer Hitch Center
A Affordable Attorney Gerling Law Group Chartered
A.L.L. About Kids Pediatric Dentistry
Abacus Web Services
Acer Construction, LLC
Adkins Building & Construction
All Florida Safety Institute LLC
Alyssa Gay Consulting
Anna Maria Island Privateers, Inc
Anna Maria Island Resorts, LLC
BananaBug Designs
Bayside Pet Resort & Spa
Bayside Sod
Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More
Bite Me Cookies by Cindy
Blue Door Spa & Salon
Boys & Girls Clubs of Manatee County
Care Net Manasota Pregnancy Center, Inc.
CareerSource Suncoast
Clark Financial Partners
CreArte Latino
Crystal Clean Green Cleaning
Custom ComTek
Custom Concepts Painting
Destination Knowledge
DEX Imaging, Inc.
Ellenton Discount Pharmacy
Enterprise Service Level
Excellence Performance
Fawley Bryant Architecture
Feeding Empty Little Tummies
Flooring America of Bradenton
Florida Suncoast Real Estate, Inc.
Florida Surgical Specialist
Flow Masters Plumbing Solutions, Inc.
Formella Construction, LLC
Friends of Manatee County Animal Services
Grivas Law Group, P.A.
Gulf Coast Builders Exchange
Harbor Chiropractic
Healthy Teens Coalition of Manatee County Inc
Hernando De Soto Historical Society, Inc.
Heroes Welcome Home
Hideaway Styling Studio
Hope Family Services, Inc.
IAS Marketing Services
InFocus Family Eyecare
L.E.T.S. Landes Emergency Training Services
Len’s Roofing, Inc.
Loaded Cannon Distillery
Luhrsen Goldberg, LLC
Maloney Funeral Home
Manatee County Girls Club, Inc. dba Just for Girls
Massage Therapy Connections
Meadows Family Dentistry
Meals On Wheels PLUS of Manatee
Monroe Plumbing, Inc.
Mr. Build
NAMI Sarasota and Manatee Counties
North River Body Therapies
Ohana Embroidery
Parenting Matters
Permacast LLC
Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida
Premier Family Chiropractic
Project Light of Manatee, Inc.
Rise to Shine Cleaning
RJM Contractors, Inc.
Service Club Manatee County
Shake Station Restaurant
Sirius Day Spa
Soul to Soul Yoga, LLC / All Ages Therapy Services, DBA
Special Olympics Florida – Manatee County
Take Stock in Children of Manatee County
The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature
The Center for Skin Wellness
The Center for Urgent Care
Total Reporting
Tru Farm O.H.F. Corp.
Vet Care Express Animal Ambulance
West Coast OB/GYN
Westcoast Design Build FL
WEW Enterprises, Inc. dba The Woodcrafters
Women’s Resource Center
Your CBD Store Bradenton
Your Family Matters, PA

Five small business winners and two non-profit winners will be announced at an Awards celebration on Tuesday, November 16 from 4:00 – 6:30 PM at the Bradenton Area Convention Center. This signature Manatee Chamber event offers a great opportunity to network with area business and community leaders. Reservations are required. For more information, contact Cara Misiewicz at 941-748-4842, ext. 122 or visit ManateeChamber.com/SmallBiz.

The Manatee Chamber of Commerce, a 5-Star Accredited Chamber of Commerce with 2,000 member businesses and organizations representing 68,000 employees, has offices in Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch to serve the greater Manatee County area. Its mission is to build a positive business environment while enhancing the community’s quality of life.

SCF Launches 26 West Center

Making entrepreneurship, small business growth and careers in tech accessible to everyone

[Community Open House – September 29, 2021 – 4-6 p.m.]

(Bradenton, Fla., September 21, 2021) — State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota (SCF) is proud to announce the opening of 26 West Center. Located at SCF Bradenton, the world-class, 40,000-square-foot building is home to a suite of innovative services dedicated to making entrepreneurship, small business growth and careers in technology accessible to students and residents of the Suncoast region.

“26 West Center is the intersection between our campus and the community,” said Kim Richmond, director, 26 West Entrepreneurship Center. “We offer entrepreneurs and small business owners resources to start and grow their businesses – from office space and training, to access to a network of mentors, investors and other entrepreneurs. This will be a catalyst for innovation and economic growth in the entire region.”

26 West Center offers the following services:

Business Growth Lab –The Business Growth Lab is a business incubator providing offices, conference rooms and workspaces leasable to entrepreneurs starting or expanding a business. Fiber-optic high-speed internet, locked storage, mail service, free parking and break room access are also included for tenants.

Entrepreneurship Academy – Entrepreneurs and small business owners can learn through experience at the Entrepreneurship Academy. Established, successful entrepreneurs will teach classes and workshops including “Entrepreneurship Essentials,” “Networking Made Easy” and “Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs.”

SCF Coding Academy – The Coding Academy teaches the skills needed to launch a career in a high-demand technology job in less than six months. Anyone can start to train for careers in coding, cloud computing, digital marketing and cybersecurity. All courses are non-credit and open to the public without requiring college admission or college prerequisites. Coding Academy courses are offered by experienced instructors, lead to industry-recognized training and certifications, and include support from career coaches for help with job placement.

“There are abundant career opportunities in the technology industry,” said Desh Bagley, director of SCF’s Coding Academy. “We provide the technical tools and career support that will help people gain the skills they need for the job they want.”

26 West Center also houses a creative studio with state-of-the art digital equipment for videos and podcasts as well as a personal branding lab and digital collective for marketing assistance. These elements will launch in the spring of 2022. The Center can facilitate community events of all sizes – from community galas and corporate retreats, to board meetings and social club gatherings, with a full-service kitchen to support catering.

Open House

An open house at SCF Bradenton, 26 West Center, 5840 26th St. W., Bradenton, Building 8, will take place on Wednesday, September 29, from 4-6 p.m. The public is invited to learn about everything 26 West Center has to offer. Attendees can tour the building, meet 26 West Center staff and network with other attendees.​

For more information or to schedule a private tour, please visit 26West.SCF.edu or call 941-752-5449.

City adds supplemental yard-waste drop-off sites

BRADENTON, FL – Bradenton’s Public Works & Utilities Department has announced that beginning Monday, Sept. 20, additional yard waste collection measures will be implemented. These additional measures will not replace bi-weekly yard waste service to residents but are intended to supplement those collections, especially during the off weeks when recycling is collected instead of yard waste.

Beginning today, four yard-waste containers have been deployed at locations throughout the city where citizens can dispose of yard waste ONLY. City Supervisors will inspect all sites every day.

Locations of the four containers are:
• Cordova Lakes, 38th Avenue West and 61st Street West
• Ware’s Creek, 17th Avenue West Park parking lot
• Braden River Lakes/River Isles, east end of Oakleaf Blvd
• Dream Center, 24th Street East (south end of parking area)

The Braden River Lakes/River Isles container has a 10 cubic yard capacity; the others
are 20 cubic yards.

To see aerial photos of the specific sites, please consult cityofbradenton/news

Signs will be placed on the containers, and the sites will be monitored. No commercial/contractor dumping is allowed.