Dems admit to socialist indoctrination of our youth. Don’t let it happen in Manatee County

Tales from the Mark Side: The Conservative Voice in Manatee County

Dems admit to socialist indoctrination of our youth. Don’t let it happen in Manatee County

By Mark Young


Liberals continue to out themselves for who they really are and what their plans are in trying to fundamentally change who we are as Americans.

The Michigan Democratic Party this very week released a social media statement saying how our children should be educated and how parents should essentially stay out of the educational system’s business.

The statement said, “The purpose of a public education in a public school is not to teach kids only what parents want them to be taught. It is to teach them what society needs them to know. The client of the public school is not the parent, but the entire community.”

I’ll requote part of that statement: “It is to teach them what society needs them to know.”

And just what is it that society needs our children to know, and more importantly, who is defining themselves as “society?”

Is it the liberals who think they are the American society? Because that would be an absurd assumption.

From a liberal’s perspective, they are talking about how our children should be taught critical race theory and erasing history. For them, it’s about teaching our children that America is an awful place and that if you are black, you are a victim and if you are white, you are responsible for all of human misery throughout all of human history.

That’s just the essence of what liberals – who believe they are the righteous voice of society – think our children should be taught, and subsequently, how they should then act as part of their socialist, America hating society.

That’s not really new news, so to speak, but it is another example of democrats outing themselves as the socialists and communists they really are.

If you don’t believe me, let’s just take a little trip into history.

Let’s compare what the democrats said to something Joseph Stalin said: “Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in hand and at whom it is aimed.”

Stalin knew the importance of using the educational system as a weapon to create a stepford wives style of a communist nirvana. And Stalin saw himself sitting on the throne of a one-world society through childhood indoctrination.

The murderous dictator implemented his philosophy by removing all religion from schools in favor of an athiest indoctrination. Stalin implemented several other policies you can see playing out in today’s educational system by controlling what and how Russian children were taught, according to the needs, wants and desires of Mother Russia.

Like the democrats and Russians, Adolph Hitler also knew that the German educational system was ripe for weaponization and to indoctrinate children to devote their lives to the state above themselves.

Hitler once said: “It is not the task of an elementary school to impart a multiplicity of knowledge for personal use of the individual. It has to develop and harness all physical and mental powers of youth for the service of people and the state.”

So once again, you can see how today’s liberals use the playbooks created by brutal dictators to advance their socialist goals. The words they use might be slightly different, but the meaning of those words are exactly the same.

The Michigan Democratic Party had to walk back that statement, but again, just because they want to pretend they didn’t say what they said, doesn’t mean it’s not what they still believe. Nor does their walkback mean they will stop trying to implement their socialist tactics into our education system.

This, of course, is not just a Michigan problem. It is a national problem and I would go as far as to call it a national security problem at this point.

We already know, as well, that Manatee County is not immune to this infection. As previously outlined in this space, our very own school district spent some $40,000 of our money on critical race theory curriculum studies from a company owned by Attorney General Merrick Garland’s son-in-law, whose Department of Justice began to target everyday moms and dads who dared to question their own school districts.

There is some good news in all of this. Such behaviors are causing liberals to realize that they have to be more careful about what they say.

That’s because conservatives are finally speaking up, waking up and are outraged at what they are seeing.

That’s a good thing … but … just because liberals are finding themselves in a situation where they have to actually be careful about what they say … does NOT mean they intend to change who they are or change their goal of youth indoctrination. 

Their best chance of success is to get to our children within the educational system at the youngest age possible and as we have discovered, they’ve been busy little socialist bees who have buzzed under the radar for far too long.

It’s another important reason why elections matter and let’s be honest, no one has really cared all that much about school board elections for a long time.

And we’ve paid the price for that across the country and here in Manatee County. Earlier this week, I called for that to change and I repeat that call to action today.

We need conservative fighters on this school board to protect our children from these kinds of liberal philosophies.

We need candidates who will shatter this district’s shroud of secrecy and remind this administration that they are our employees.

As I also said earlier, we don’t want or need fake and wannabe politicians in charge any longer. We grow tired of the same people who run for office after office in this town until they finally win something and it’s usually a school board seat they win.

They aren’t there for our children. They are there for themselves and their own political ambitions. Let 2022 be the start of real change. Let it be the year of the parent.

I know you are out there. And I can promise you one thing: If you fit that description, Manatee County will stand behind and support you.

It’s time for drastic changes on Manatee County’s school board

Tales from the Mark Side: The Conservative Voice in Manatee County

It’s time for drastic changes on Manatee County’s school board

By Mark Young


As I sit here and watch Tom Brady and the Bucs dismantle the Eagles, I’m reminded of what Republicans can potentially achieve in the upcoming election cycles.

There are a lot of things Republicans need to dismantle at the national and local level when it comes to undoing the damage liberals have done.

Not so much at the state level. DeSantis is doing just fine thank you very much and Manatee County has been blessed with solid state representation.

But we have some important elections coming up in Manatee County. They certainly include some city commission and council races, as well as the county board of commissioners.

But I view the upcoming school board elections as the most important. It is time for accountability and transparency and this county is in desperate need of new candidates who can bring to light all of the inner workings of this district’s administration.

Too often I hear that elected officials rely entirely too much on their staff to move policies forward. Yes, for the most part, these officials take the time to read all of the materials presented to them, but just how involved are they really?

I fear that when it comes to the school board in particular, there isn’t a lot of involvement just based on the sheer number of school district scandals I have previously outlined. And not only has there been zero consequences for these scandals, but high-level district employees continue to reward themselves.

That is unacceptable.

The only way to change the course of this scandalous district, which is taxing you through the roof with a $1 billion budget for some 50,000 students, is to change this school board and replace them with actual Constitutional and fiscally conservative candidates who can act as actual public watchdogs from within.

Someone has to take a look at how $1 billion is distributed to meet the needs of that small student population which is educated by some 3,500 teachers. District staff is double the number of teachers at 7,000.

Why is that and what do they do?

We need candidates who can tell these tax and spend liberals in control of our children’s education that they must live within their means and stop wasting tens of millions of taxpayer dollars.

Granted, the school board races are nonpartisan but that doesn’t mean anything as long as you are grounded in conservative values and implement those values in school board policy.

We’ll start breaking down individual races as the elections get closer and we get a better look at who is going to fill the field by this summer. I hope there is a lot more interest than what is already on the ballot.

We don’t want a bunch of politicians who want to use the school board as a launching pad for some new political venture in the future. We want moms and dads in charge.

We’ll dig into all of your local elections as that time approaches but for now I will just say it’s time for a complete change beginning with this year’s election to be followed by the 2024 election.

Most of this current board has let this administration get away with things that have embarrassed Manatee County. There has been zero accountability and I haven’t heard a single school board member fight back and address the taxpaying citizens of this county to let them know that they have our backs and the backs of our children.

It simply has to change. We want and need candidates who will bring that accountability to this school district. Who won’t just sit up on the dais and pretend these scandals don’t exist.

We need candidates who are going to look this superintendent in the eye and say, “No more nonsense,” and quite frankly someone who will begin the arduous push to change this administration from the top down.

And finally, we need candidates who see what is going on and have the courage to address the citizens who pay for it all.

I’m learning more and more about running for local office and I don’t even have a hat in the ring. It’s disgusting what’s happening at the local level and the pressure taking place from the so-called “money people” in this town and political hack operatives who have no business in Manatee County politics.

We need fighters who will change the political landscape of Manatee County politics. And if that sounds like you, then we need you.

Voting rights: the biggest liberal lie of all

Tales from the Mark Side: The Conservative Voice of Manatee County

Voting rights: the biggest liberal lie of all

By Mark Young


When I was about five or six years old or so, we were living in Auburn Ala. My dad got a yearlong stint as Auburn University’s ROTC commander.

He was recently back from Vietnam and I think the Army just wanted to put him in a safe place out of the way for a while. I wish our family could have done the same, but that’s another story. He was a wee bit on the violent side for a bit.

Anyway, I came home from school one day and couldn’t find our cat so I naturally turned to my mother and asked what happened. Instead of telling me the truth that the cat was squashed on a nearby rural highway by a semi-truck, mom said she ran off to get married.

My very young mind immediately pictured her in a little white wedding gown in a church filled with other cats. I can still remember that exact image some 50 years later. It was a nice image and I walked away still sad that our cat was gone, but happy that she had found another cat to spend her life with.

It’s what you call a harmless white lie.

What liberals are doing by calling existing voting rights racist and calling for the protection of those rights by enacting federal control and bringing an end to voter ID laws is not a harmless white lie.

Like all of their lies, it continues to be effective with the liberal zombie horde who can’t think for themselves because they somehow believe showing an ID to vote is “voter suppression,” and racist.

Sure do wish someone on the left can explain that to me, but I’m not sure they even can. They just go along with whatever their cult leaders say with a total disregard for common sense.

Let’s look at the term, “Voting rights.”

It sure sounds good on its surface, doesn’t it? But like everything that sounds like common sense, the liberals in this country have distorted what it really means.

Anyone paying attention knew this was coming after the pandemic was used to pervert the 2020 election cycle by various states overriding their own state constitutions to conduct an unprecedented mail-out of ballots to every citizen in the state, registered or not. Those election supervisors didn’t even know if those citizens were still living in the same place, nor did they know if those ballots were being returned by the person they sent them to.

We’ve seen how the liberal government can and will subvert their own citizens to gain more power for themselves by any means necessary and the COVID “public health emergency,” was the prototype of how far liberals will strip your freedoms away given a chance.

The pandemic fears allowed millions of votes to be counted without having to prove who they were and the alleged Biden victory was the result of that debacle. Is it any wonder that liberals want to make that style of an election the norm? Is there any wonder why millions of Americans still question the validity of the 2020 election?

That’s the basis of Biden’s so-called “voting rights” bill. It allows the federal government to dictate to states how they can run their elections.

It strips away voter ID requirements. It expands the kind of massive mailout of ballots we saw during the 2020 election and does nothing to prevent ballot harvesting by democrat operatives who are hired in nursing homes to vote for the mentally incapacitated elderly.

Mark my words, they will use Omicron – a mild cold for most – in an attempt to avoid a historic loss this November. This alleged voting rights legislation is that attempt.

This effort by liberals isn’t strengthening voter rights. It’s diluting those rights. It’s taking the concern from millions of Americans in the last election who felt “my vote didn’t matter,” to a whole new level.

So they do what liberals always do. They lie to get their way.

Texas was lambasted by liberals and their media allies for strengthening the integrity of their elections, while the new law actually makes it easier for everyone to vote. You just have to prove who you say you are. Imagine that.

Georgia is trying to do the same so Biden takes a trip to the Peach State to push his voting rights reform, except again, it’s not reform.

If you remember, when Georgia began this process to strengthen voter integrity, Major League Baseball moved the all-star game to Colorado, which has stricter voter regulations than what Georgia is even proposing.

Even MLB at some point had to say, “oops.”

But again, that’s how easy it is to manipulate half this country who are just itching to jump on the latest liberal woke action. They don’t bother to find out if it’s based on lies or not, which it almost always is. They just act and react without consequence.

Facing crisis after crisis both at home and abroad, Biden’s priority is to visit Georgia to push yet another false narrative in an attempt to ensure the left continues to gain power.

Biden had the nerve to stand up in front of a mostly college crowd and tell America that we have to choose to be either on the side of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or former Alabama Gov. George Wallace, a known racist in his own right. Biden said we had to choose between Abraham Lincoln or President of the illegitimate Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis.

I think Biden and Harris have the same speech writer given the fact that Harris compared Jan. 6 to 9-11 and Pearl Harbor.

Someone needs to drug test those folks.

Biden essentially played the racist card yet again and said if you didn’t agree with him, you were on the side of a former racist governor or southern slave-loving traitor.


Wallace was a bit of a mentor to Biden. Biden once said that his hometown was in southern Delaware so he had more in common with “Dixie” than northern Delaware. Biden’s best friend was the late Sen. Robert Byrd, a former KKK grand wizard.

Biden gave the eulogy at Byrd’s funeral.

And now Biden thinks we are racist because we don’t agree with his newly found progressive policies? He thinks it’s racist to expand early voting to make it easier to vote? It’s racist to want everyone who votes to prove who they are before voting?

It’s not only nonsense, it’s just absurd that the left thinks making voting easier while strengthening election integrity by ensuring a voter is who they say they are is “voter suppression.”

But then again, look at New York City’s recent move to allow 800,000 non American citizens to vote in city elections. That’s what this federal government under progressive control ultimately wants for the nation, which is why they are letting in millions of illegal immigrants into the country regardless of who they are, who they’ve killed or raped, or how much drugs they are carrying with them.

Yep, forget the Constitution. That’s the liberal way.

That’s why they believe the Constitution is an outdated document that requires change.

Well, we don’t. We know better.

Using words like “voter suppression” and “racist” is yet again just another liberal political ploy. Words have power and liberals know they can sell a freezer to their eskimo voters if they think it would help.

These high-level lies must be called out at every opportunity. We will never be able to stop them from lying. It’s just who they are and what they do. That’s partly why this fight will be so exhausting because it will never end.

And that’s why we cannot let up and counter this nonsense. Speak the truth loud and proud my fellow patriots. Never stop. It’s how we win. The truth is always on our side and it is our greatest weapon in this war between good and evil.

No Kamala, Jan. 6 is not a 9-11 or Pearl Harbor

Tales from the Mark Side: The Conservative Voice in Manatee County

No Kamala, Jan. 6 is not a 9-11 or Pearl Harbor

By Mark Young


Once again Kamala Harris presented herself as incompetent on the national stage by comparing the Jan. 6 incident at the capitol to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and Japan’s cowardly surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

Biden didn’t do himself much better by attacking President Donald Trump for much of his Jan. 6 anniversary speech.

It seems to me that the liberals genuinely fear Trump’s return to the political stage. After their performance thus far, they probably should be afraid.

Harris’s comparison of Jan. 6 to two actual days of national tragedy that killed thousands of Americans and set off wars is proof that she has no idea what she is doing. We already knew that, of course, from her massive failures as vice president thus far.

She was essentially trying to say that conservatives are akin to terrorists and foreign invaders. This is a woman who is in way over her head as vice president, was a lousy senator, an inept prosecutor, but cries racism and sexism when criticized for her very real shortcomings.

Can you say narcissist?

It’s clear that the liberals want to politicize Jan. 6 as the latest shiny object to distract their cult members from the fact that their leaders are failing the American people at every level.

It’s just such a predictable and typical move straight out of the liberal playbook. 

And yet, sadly, their liberal following will seize the moment just as they did the fake Russian collusion hoax and every other lie spread by the left and their media allies during the Trump administration.

The liberal mentality is so delusional that they were blaming Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin for all those people being stranded on I-95 after a major snowstorm hit.

Except, Youngkin doesn’t get sworn in until Jan. 15 and isn’t in charge yet. Duh.

That’s the level of ignorance we as conservatives have to battle and overcome on what seems to be a daily basis. It’s exhausting, I know, but we are in this fight and will stay in this fight because our Republic is at stake.

It takes years to convince liberals that what they were duped into believing isn’t true and once we finally achieve that nearly impossible goal, the left’s leadership just throws out a new shiny object to distract them.

It’s scary if you think about how easily manipulated nearly half this country is.

But no Kamala. Jan. 6 is not 911 or Pearl Harbor. Not even close. And no, despite the left’s desire to keep using the term, “armed insurrection,” that too is a bold faced lie that the liberal horde will swallow as easily as the poisoned punch fake preacher Jim Jones convinced 900 people to drink during the Jonestown massacre in Guyana.

The cult mentality is strong in today’s liberals and that’s difficult to overcome even when you hit them over the head with facts and truth.

Things did indeed go south during the Jan. 6 incident, as can happen when a million people mass together with instigators and ANTIFA operatives in the midst.

Several of those George Soros-paid instigators were captured on video yelling at the crowd to march on the capitol. One of those gentlemen was filmed wearing a red MAGA hat and was located on his ranch months later. He has not been charged with any crimes. He has not been interviewed by law enforcement. He refuses to speak to the media.

Hmm. Things that make you say, “Well, things that are interesting,” for $200 Alex.

And of course, it also was interesting that the front doors of the capitol were wide open for people to walk through. Do you remember those images?

If not, it’s not your fault. They don’t show that anymore. They only show the footage of a handful – out of a million – people getting out of control.

People were walking calmly into the capitol and were even staying within the velvet ropes used to herd the tourists through.

Yes, a few actual Trump supporters took things too far, but it is far too suspicious of how easily they were let into the building. Equally suspicious is the fact that Nancy Pelosi turned down multiple requests to increase security, but then used the National Guard as photo ops in the weeks after the incident as some fake point that the right in this country are dangerous people.

It’s a fake narrative that was being plotted and planned from the moment that Manatee County guy walked out of the capitol building with Pelosi’s lectern in hand.

And of course, those troops were treated like garbage by the left’s leadership while they were drawn away from their families and daily life to be used in Pelosi’s ploy.

It’s all just so fake – and convenient I might add – and I’ve never seen so many lies being blatantly told by today’s liberals. They lie, lie and lie and don’t even care. Even when confronted with the fact that they lied, they simply laugh it off and lie again.

All this really boils down to is that liberals don’t care what kind of violence occurs in this country as long as it doesn’t happen to them.

They certainly didn’t care during two-plus years of rioting. They certainly didn’t care as cities and communities burned to the ground. They didn’t care when federal officers were being attacked by the mobs outside federal buildings. They don’t care that violent crimes are spiking in Democrat-controlled cities. They don’t care that the poor are killing each other at record rates.

They not only don’t talk about it, but double down on policies that will guarantee that violent criminals will remain emboldened. Sadly, more people will die on inner city streets and they’ll just go about their luxurious lives funded by taxpayers and won’t say a word. Because they don’t care.

They started to act like they cared a little when crime began to hit places like Beverly Hills and high-end stores in luxury malls were being ransacked.

They haven’t stopped it, however. It’s just that their media allies aren’t reporting on it as much. Because the media doesn’t care about actual people either.

And they only pretend to care about Jan. 6 because their own orchestrated plans to make conservatives look like rebels got a little out of hand.

But they don’t really care. All they care about is how they can use anything and everything to advance a political narrative that will continue to keep their sheep in the voting lines.

They don’t care about the people in this country. They don’t care about America. And they wonder why so many Americans love Trump?

I can sum it up in three words: Trump loves America.

We really, really liked that about him even if we disagreed with a tweet here and there.

And they wonder why we don’t like the left? I can sum that up in three words, too: They hate America.

Trump wants Americans to prosper. The left wants to keep Americans on social programs, keeping them reliant on the government.

Trump wants Americans to use their God-given free will while the left just wants control and power over Americans.

Trump wants to save the foundation of what America is while the left wants to change everything about America.

Yeah, the left should be scared of Trump and, more than that, they should be scared of us. We are awake, are paying attention and just aren’t going to take this liberal nonsense any longer.

Manatee BOCC must put personalities aside for a better 2022

Tales from the Mark Side: The Conservative Voice in Manatee County

Manatee BOCC must put personalities aside for a better 2022

By Mark Young


Personality politics don’t work.

It doesn’t work when voters choose personality over policy and it doesn’t work when those elected choose personality battles over policy battles.

Policy politics is what moves Manatee County forward and that journey to success should be dignified and professional.

This rings especially true for what has been largely a Republican controlled Manatee County Board of Commissioners that has suffered its fair share of in-fighting over the years. A lot of that in-fighting didn’t have a lot to do with policy making.

The recent marathon fight just to select a new chair for the BOCC and what appears to be subsequent personality paybacks leads me to believe that things won’t be much different on the county dais as they have been for a very long time stretching back a decade to the media-dubbed “mean girls” era.

I admit that’s a bit of an assumption on my part, but therein lies the problem. Even if it’s an appearance of personalities overshadowing policies, constituents are left to make those assumptions.

You have to ask yourself whose fault that really is, and hint: it’s not ours.

Don’t get me wrong, politicians should have strong personalities, but those powers should be used to spread a policy driven message and nothing else.

Americans are tired of the nonsense at the national level and I’m here to tell you that we are tired of it at the local level, as well. Such personality conflicts do not well serve the citizens of Manatee County, or in particular, the Republican Party.

Republicans can disagree on the necessary evils and mundane tasks of budget proposals and changing various codes, but we don’t compromise our values. We leave that to the liberals.

Local Republicans must unite around those values and move them forward into policy. There is no place for vindictive politics with a dose of personal grudge in the Republican Party.

This isn’t an overall criticism of this board. For the most part, they have come to decisions that have made this county a better place to live despite its continued infrastructure overload and traffic woes.

There has also been too much turning the other way as individual residents have had to suffer for the benefit of the so-called masses with a total lack of transparency and accountability.

That must change in the coming year. Republicans, now more than ever, must stand tall and represent the Conservative values that define us. That means with one another, too.

In the case of representative politics where you are the face of the voters, sometimes the journey to success is equally as important as the destination itself. 

For those in office, up for reelection and for those who seek their seats, we are watching you closer than ever before. These times ahead of us are too important not to.

So, to accomplish these things that will ease the infrastructure overload, it will require cooperation from our majority, and cooperation requires elected officials to put their egos aside for the betterment of our citizens.

As I’ve said before, if you are honored with the majority of the vote, you are not a public figure. You are a public servant.

You work for us, plain and simple. You are an employee and we the citizens are the real CEO’s of Manatee County.

When your personality sends a stronger message than your policy, you have a problem and we are watching.

I see factions starting to form once again on the BOCC. Republicans should never be in this situation.

And you don’t have a whole lot of time with the primary season around the corner. 2022 is an important year for the Republican Party, our community and our Republic.

Decide now whether you want to be part of the solution or part of the problem. Or we, the voters, will decide for you.

Will 2022 be the death of cancel culture? Perhaps

Tales from the Mark Side: The Conservative Voice in Manatee County

Will 2022 be the death of cancel culture? Perhaps

By Mark Young


The best definition of cancel culture I’ve read so far came out of a May study from the Pew Research where they define it as, “rewriting history and stopping the acknowledgement of facts because they are offensive,” for a variety of reasons.

I have to stop and rewrite part of that quote: “Rewriting history and stopping the acknowledgement of facts.”

Let that sink if for just a moment and it’s as insane as it sounds. Of course, for those of us who were blessed to be born with the logical conservative mind, we already know just how insane this movement has been.

It’s the same tactics the Taliban have used in Afghanistan for decades even before our arrival and somehow cancel culture tactics have not only made its way here, but has plagued and infested our society for the last few years.

The Pew Research study really didn’t deal with the topic of whether cancel culture would survive, but it had some alarming points to make.

Despite social media playing a big part in the cancel culture explosion, the study showed 56% of over 10,000 American adults surveyed had heard, “nothing or not too much,” about cancel culture.

Amazingly, another 38% said they have heard “nothing at all,” about cancel culture.

How is that even possible?

Well, I’m glad you asked, because the simple answer is a reflection of everything that is wrong in our political system with people who don’t pay attention to what’s going on in the world around them, but still vote.

That’s how we always end up with a Joe Biden or a Jimmy Carter or a Barack Obama in the first place.

The majority – some 49% – of those who had never heard of the phrase were asked what they think it means and they said, “Actions taken to hold others accountable.”

That’s just scary to think that many Americans choose to live their lives in a bubble and continue to maybe read a headline here or there and base their votes and life decisions on that little amount of information.

As noted, the study rightfully points out social media’s responsibility in pushing cancel culture’s destructive narrative. It doesn’t get into the details as to why, but I will.

Just about every so-called big-tech company which controls the flow of information in this country are not only liberal allies, but have sold their souls to China. From Facebook to Twitter to Google, they all bow down to their Chinese masters who have stepped up their game to cause as much internal strife in America as possible.

Tic Tok, as you probably know, is owned by China and make no bones about the fact that they harvest their users’ personal information. It’s part of the agreement to use Tic Tok and why President Trump tried to shut them down.

It got very little news coverage other than the left and other big-tech Chinese allies crying censorship. Oh, the irony.

And why? Because as I’ve said a thousand times over, America cannot be fully defeated militarily. Even if outside forces got the better of us on the battlefield, the ensuing patriot insurgency would be even more deadly for our enemies and they know it.

Every great military empire has fallen from within and China, as well as the rest of our adversaries are pushing that strategy forward like never before.

If you control the flow of information, you control the masses. Hitler knew it. Stalin knew it. North Korea, Iran, Russia and China know it, too.

That strategy has been working well within the mob mentality of the ignorant sheep in this country. But this strategy will fail because as usual, our enemies underestimate the patriot spirit.

It may take a bit for that spirit to be awakened in every American, but when it is, God help those who think Americans would live under tyranny without a bloody fight.

I feel the awakening getting stronger so I was intrigued when I heard Dan Bongino say on New Year’s Eve that cancel culture will die a slow, painful death in 2022.

I had been sensing the same thing, but wasn’t ready to say it out loud yet for fear of jinxing it. I’m a little superstitious sometimes and unfortunately, am all too familiar with America’s tendency for complacency.

The Pew Research study was conducted in May of 2021. I’d like to think that since then, many more Americans are aware of the nonsense that is cancel culture and have witnessed the backlash this country has suffered under progressive philosophies.

I’d like to think that more Americans are waking up and realizing that this great country and our blessed way of life is under attack. And, if so, that these Americans are finally saying, “Time to act.”

I agree with Bongino. I think 2022 will at least deliver a severe blow to cancel culture, if not bury it for good.

I think the Virginia election was the first signal in this coming change. I think the upcoming Republican blowout in the midterms will be a strong statement that Americans want their country back.

But even more than that, the overly loud left have simply taken things too far. They couldn’t be satisfied with Civil War statues, the Rebel Battle Flag or trying to silence the conservative point of view.

No, they cried wolf too many times by playing the racist card with everything. Their cries to defund the police and empty prisons, while almost successful, are being shut down by voters and candidates – even democratic ones – who have the basic understanding that law and order is the thread that holds a civilized society together.

They have been emboldened to threaten – and enact – violence on a society who strives for peace and quality of life. My fellow patriots, I firmly believe that at long last, this faction working against America internally has been exposed and those involved are traitors to our Republic.

I believe we are so very close to dropping the word “silent” and just becoming the majority. And that is thanks to all of you who have had the courage to stand up and speak your mind.

Silence is a luxury we have not been able to afford in this battle to save our great Republic.

And our voices will soon have even greater platforms to be heard as multiple conservative social media sites are in the works. Facebook and Twitter will lose millions of people and these big-tech companies will lose their power to silence us.

In the face of all these obstacles, we are prevailing. Imagine when we have the actual tools to not only defend against the attacks, but to advance and strengthen our own war footing to remain on the offensive and destroy this progressive nonsense once and for all.

So yes, I am optimistic that cancel culture will face its biggest challenge of all in 2022. And that challenger, and still the reigning world champion, is the American patriot.

Keep up the good fight. Keep speaking your mind. Keep waving that flag. Keep God’s good grace in your hearts.

We can never afford to get complacent again now that we know who our enemies are. They are abroad and they are active. They are internal and they are active. We must be, and remain active, as well.

We will win this fight, but we can’t stop there like we always do. It’s in our nature to kick butt and then just go back to daily life as our defeated enemies plot their return. Not this time, patriots. Not this time. Stay vigilant.

Lots to look forward to in 2022 at the Manatee Herald. Here’s just a few

Tales from Mark Side: The Conservative Voice in Manatee County

Lots to look forward to in 2022 at the Manatee Herald. Here’s just a few

By Mark Young


I’m in no way whatsoever a, “This is going to be my year,” kind of guy.

It’s not going to be my year, and probably not your year either. Life works in cycles. The year of our Lord 2022 will be like any other year in terms of those cycles.

There will be good times and there will be bad times and chances are, you’ll look forward to 2023 like we all do every New Year with some semblance of hope that the next year will be different.

It will in some ways and it won’t in most. There will be times of joy and times of pain. Liberals will still be crazy and patriots like us will still be fighting to keep them from doing crazy things. It’s just life.

But there are going to be some exciting things coming very soon, particularly here at the Manatee Herald as we prepare to launch a new series of podcasts on both the news and opinion side of the spectrum.

We’ll have some exciting guests ranging from digging deep into local politics to celebrating some local residents who are doing amazing things.

Unlike other podcasts, I personally hope to use this new venue to take action, curb injustices in Manatee County, and yes, continue to expose the disease that is liberalism.

But we’ll have a lot of fun along the way so I hope you’ll join us when we kick off this new adventure, which I believe is coming very, very soon.

This year also will be a fun political year as we watch local, state and national liberals try to justify the incompetence of their leadership. We’ll see if they want to spin reality or be honest with Manatee County citizens ahead of the midterm elections in November.

Spoiler alert: they’ll spin reality.

In the meantime, local Republicans are gearing up for a fight of their own when we enter the summer primary season culminating with a big August primary election.

We’ll talk about that primary season a lot, to include several podcasts with the candidates, should they decide to appear.

I tend not to take a stand on Republican candidates during the primary season. I believe they all need to make their case with the voters on their own terms and let the best candidate win.

However, I will call out any signs of shadowy politics along the way. There is no room in conservative politics for playing dirty. Voters won’t stand for it, so if you are a primary candidate and have an inkling to sour the process, voters will hear about it.

If you want to play dirty politics, join the Democrats where you belong. Conservatives have no reason to stray from logic and truth when we are, and always will be on the right side of truth, justice and the American way.

We want leaders who have the best qualities to lead Manatee County into the future. It isn’t a popularity contest and it certainly isn’t a battle of the egos. If you are a Republican candidate at any level of office who puts your ego over your constituents, prepare to be challenged by we the people.

Republicans should know that an election to office is a humbling experience because the majority of voters have put their faith in you to do the right thing. So stay out of the swamp and remember that you are a public servant, not a public figure.

With that said, I wish this year’s field of Republican candidates the best in their campaigns. We want to hear your message and here at the Manatee Herald is where you can get that message heard.

As for the liberal primaries, well who really cares.

Let the political folly begin and I wish you all a happy, healthy and blessed 2022.

COVID shaming? What is it and why it needs to stop

Tales from the Mark Side: The Conservative Voice in Manatee County

COVID shaming? What is it and why it needs to stop

By Mark Young


The vaccinated and unvaccinated.

It’s just the latest – and most prevalent – division that has hit our society since the great debate of which way toilet paper is supposed to hang on the roll.

If you hang it backwards, we can’t be friends by the way. Seriously, if I come to your house and see your toilet paper hanging with the loose end to the back, I’m changing it.

Seriously though, the subject of COVID shaming caught me a little off guard even though I’ve certainly seen it happening across the country and certainly even here in Manatee County. This is especially evident with the typical nastiness from the left about hoping the unvaccinated die because they are mostly, and allegedly I might add, conservatives.

COVID shaming is ridiculous and just another form of playground bullying at its worst. It’s a high school version of the cool kids table where those who are vaccinated think they have a place of honor.


I remember when the pandemic began and I’d go cover a story whether it was pandemic related or not. The subject matter would be afraid to be photographed without a mask on for fear of what people would think when they saw it.

That was my first hint that something wasn’t right because I come from a different set of genes. It’s impossible to shame me on any subject. I am who I am and if you like me for it, awesome. If you don’t, I could care less. I’m always going to do me and no one is ever going to tell me to do something I’m not comfortable doing.

But those first signs of COVID shaming were appearing even before the shots emerged. The so-called vaccinated versus unvaccinated division evolved from the masked versus the maskless, and has morphed into something a lot more vicious.

Many decided it wasn’t worth the risk given the fact that – though in small percentages – people were dying after getting the shot.

That’s not something that should be easily dismissed when deciding to stick something new into your system.

Let’s look at the flu shot, for example. I took the flu shot one time in my life, and it was the one time I’ve had the flu in some 40 years. As a result, I have never taken the flu shot again and never will.

I don’t remember a single time where someone has sent me a news article with photos of people who died from the flu in an attempt to shame me into getting a flu shot.

And yet, that is exactly what happened when some Twitter troll sent me a photo of people who died from COVID when I sent out my column about what life would be like in Florida had Gov. Ron DeSantis not won the election.

Of course, the troll didn’t bother to acknowledge that Florida has the lowest COVID rates in the nation. No, it was just an attempt to shame me into his way of thinking and make me out to be a horrible person because I support DeSantis, who he thinks is a horrible person.

Nonsense. Illogical liberal thinking on full display.

Well, as you can imagine, that didn’t go over too well with me and I let him have it for using a loss-of-life tragedy to make a failed argument about DeSantis.

Oh, those liberal minds. They really are a freak of nature.

There is some blame on the other side of the vaccinated argument, as well. Those who have chosen not to take the vaccine have thrown out their fair share of condescending, and at times, vitriol opinions on the vaccinated.

As I have mentioned, I chose to take the first two shots, but will take no more. That’s my choice and I’m no sheep. I weighed the options, the risks and decided I trusted Trump’s vaccine program. If I morph into a half lizard man at some point, then it’s my choice and my consequence and I’ll accept a life of hunting flies to live.

To be fair, those who are unvaccinated have grown tired of being labeled with nastiness from the vaccinated, especially the usual loud-mouthed left who publicly say detestable things about the unvaccinated.

I guess that’s a bit of a “He started it,” argument to make, but at some point you just want the loud mouths to seal their lips together. In some cases, the “I’ll finish it,” counter argument is justified.

Like you, I’m sick of hearing the word COVID. Thanks to DeSantis, the pandemic for us is over whether you want it to be or not. As Floridians we watch in wonder as liberal-controlled states and cities talk about new rounds of lockdowns and closures over Omicron, which is a watered down version of the original virus.

But the bottom line is that this nonsense needs to stop. We have more important things to hate one another over and a COVID shot isn’t one of them.

I don’t care if you are vaccinated and I don’t care if you’re not. Again, I don’t go around every flu season (when we used to have those) and ask people if they got their flu shot before interacting with them.

It’s nonsense. It’s childish and it’s one giant distraction from the more important things going on in the world and in our country. It’s a typical liberal move to keep the real sheep focused and afraid on a single subject. Don’t let them keep doing it. Move on from this silliness.

For those of you who will send me brand new photos of dead people, I’m sorry for anyone who suffers a personal loss, but people die. There are 150 fatalities each year from falling coconuts.

I’m not being flippant about death, I’m just saying that none of us get out of this world alive. I don’t go to the South Pacific with photos of people who died from falling coconuts and blame anyone for not harvesting the coconuts to avoid those fatalities.

COVID isn’t a Republican or a democrat, but it’s somehow made its way into those categories. For that, liberals are largely to blame because they tend to be so full of vitriol that it spills out into any debate over any subject, and they find a way to blame and spread their hate onto conservatives.

It’s moronic to its core considering that the shot was developed under Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, which was in part why I took the shot. I know plenty of conservatives who are vaccinated and plenty who are not.

To make it political is just today’s reality.

Let’s just leave things that come down to personal choice to personal responsibility. And for God’s sake, let’s remember who is really at fault for this entire COVID mess: China.

Let’s try to act like Americans on this one single subject and put the blame where it belongs. Let us focus our energy and remember that this was a political, military and psychological Chinese operation.

It was a political success in disrupting the 2020 election cycle. It was s military success in determining just how many people their manufactured low-level virus could kill without the world screaming mass murder. And it has been a psychological success in turning countries and people on one another without anyone – other than Trump – pointing the finger back to them.

I just hate to be the one to tell those of you who live in your bubbles, but we are at war with our adversaries and have been for decades. Just because shots haven’t been fired, doesn’t mean this war isn’t killing people.

We have to be better than this.

Manatee County’s code enforcement corruption destined to continue as the wrong head rolled

Tales from the Mark Side: The Conservative Voice in Manatee County

Manatee County’s code enforcement corruption destined to continue as the wrong head rolled

By Mark Young


The first time former Manatee County code enforcement officer Tanya Shaw reached out to me while I was at the Bradenton Herald to tell the story of a disgraceful act of favoritism being played out regarding the Medieval Fair moving to Myakka City, I wasn’t surprised.

I have long covered issues in the county’s code enforcement department, but it had been difficult to nail down the blatant all-out corruption until Shaw had the courage to lay it all out, complete with documentation.

Each time I caught them up to something, they typically reversed course bringing an end to the latest attempt to bully an average citizen while showing favor to the county’s rich and powerful.

But I couldn’t prove the internal works of what the code enforcement’s secret policies were in showing favoritism to some, until that is, Shaw had the courage to show me just how deep the double standards went.

So, no, I wasn’t surprised to learn all I did thanks to Shaw, however, I was very much surprised and disappointed to recently learn that Shaw’s bravery in revealing the corruption has led to her termination.

Forget surprise and disappointment. I’m downright angry about it and you should be too.

This was no easy thing for Shaw to endure. She knew she was putting a target on her back, and her colleagues inside the corrupt code enforcement didn’t disappoint in their retaliation. Shaw, who had an unblemished work record, was subjected to humiliation by those she accused to be “re-trained” by a less experienced employee.

Those same supervisors who are supposed to hold the public’s trust then concocted a number of things to write Shaw up on, which was their goal in falsely justifying her termination.

I find it difficult to believe that our county’s leadership would allow such treatment of what should have been a celebrated employee who did the right thing. This unethical behavior at the highest levels of our county government to not only allow it, but then to give the Medieval Fair everything they wanted in the first place is beyond disgraceful.

To recap what happened, Shaw discovered the owners of the fair were conducting a major development on 50 acres of an old nursery in Myakka City off of SR 70 when neighbors reported the substantial development was causing their properties to flood.

Shaw took what she discovered to her supervisors who were ready to take action until they found that the property was tied to former Sarasota building official Kathy Croteau, who owns the fair with her son Jeremy.

Shaw’s supervisors then ordered her to close the case with no findings. When Shaw refused, she was removed from the case. Code enforcement supervisor Tommy Wooten then put another code enforcement officer Chet Brown on the case. Brown did what Shaw refused in trying to close the case, and he was subsequently promoted to a supervisor position.

I continued my investigation, which revealed that the Croteau’s misled everyone about the property’s intent, despite advertising it as the new home of the fair. They insisted they were simply bringing back the property for agricultural purposes and were able to secure an ag exemption from Manatee County under the state’s lenient agricultural exemption policies.

But ag exemptions only go so far and the major development of the property required additional county permits, but the Croteau’s decided they just didn’t want to bother with the extra work and costs.

As I continued to expose the lies, which included a lie to FDOT about the proposed entranceway into the property, a stop work order still was never issued, even as the county’s Inspector General’s office launched an internal investigation into the department’s obvious malfeasance.

That’s a very brief summary of the complexities involved with this case, but they are facts you need to know in order to also understand the complex levels of corruption involved that have gone unpunished. In fact, the only one punished was the one person doing the right thing and that is Shaw.

What happened through the process is that Kathy Croteau resigned as building official after lying to me in a Bradenton Herald story that she had no knowledge about the fair even though she was using work time and equipment to advertise the fair, insure it, and helped to secure unrelated ag permits that were based on lies about the property’s intent.

She was even seen in a photo of the groundbreaking ceremony announcing that the property was the new home of the fair months earlier, but denied to me about being involved. She had the gall to tell me that she had no idea what was happening at the property.

But instead of getting fired, Croteau was allowed to resign and her work record will reflect nothing negative. Eventually the same thing happened in Manatee County where our own building department director was allowed to resign with his pension after an extended paid vacation, which was ordered by the county administrator as a suspension with pay.

Wooten and his newly promoted supervisor who “played ball” with the code enforcement’s secret favoritism policy also received brief paid vacations.

Almost all involved have since returned to work except for Shaw, who should have been afforded clear whistleblower protections, but clearly did not.

You can’t make this stuff up, not even if you tried.

Shaw had an exemplary work record both as a code enforcement officer and former law enforcement officer. Her supervisor, on the other hand, is a disgraced former Manatee County deputy caught framing an innocent woman and planting evidence that sent her to jail.

He rightfully spent some time behind bars himself, but the county saw fit to hire him as a code enforcement officer and give him a new badge with a whole new set of authorities over Manatee County citizens.

I’m all for second chances, but what happened to Shaw and the favoritism shown to the Croteau’s throughout this ordeal that still isn’t fully settled by the IG’s office, shows his second chance has been used and abused.

And yet he remains, and Shaw is gone. Is the county really better off in this scenario? I should say not. Citizens of Manatee County have been betrayed.

Through my reporting, I learned that the Croteau’s were asking code enforcement for a temporary use permit all along they would renew annually because a temporary use permit doesn’t require a public hearing.

The county saw fit, just one day before the fair was scheduled to open, to grant that temporary use permit depriving the public of their rightful say.

The granting of the temporary use permit came with a caveat that the fair owners would still have to pursue the special use permit. We’ll see what the county really does.

So eventually, the public, who pays all of their salaries, will finally have some input after almost two years of being deceived and misled by the rich and powerful who were helped by the county’s code enforcement department against the Manatee County taxpayer.

This is beyond outrageous and a slap in the face of Manatee County citizens. The powers that be in this county just said in a very loud voice that accountability only applies to the general population.

That simply cannot stand.

Every citizen in this county owes Shaw our gratitude. She is an example of everything our public servants should be. Instead, we have seen from this county that being a good steward to its citizens is only OK until it’s time to play favorites with the rich and powerful. Shameful. 

It’s going to be a Merry Christmas and a Republican New Year

Tales from the Mark Side: The Conservative Voice in Manatee County

It’s going to be a Merry Christmas and a Republican New Year

By Mark Young


I remember my teenage days when I was constantly being told not to be in such a hurry to grow up because life goes by at warp speed.

And here we are, in the blink of an eye, another Christmas is upon us, and God help us, 2022 is around the corner.

Seems like yesterday where the world was quaking in their boots that Y2K would end the technological age and airplanes would fall from the sky.

We’ve gone through so many periods in just my lifetime where predictions have gone south. From Y2K to Jesus is coming on a certain date, to the world ending because the Aztec calendar was ending, to some believing a zombie apocalypse was near.

I never bought into any of those things, but I will admit that I was rooting for the zombie apocalypse. I’m no doomsday prepper, but I have been preparing for that one my entire life.

I mean really, when you look at the dead space within the liberal mind’s logical thought processing center, it’s kind of possible.

Christmas, for me, thankfully, has really returned to its roots. I’m no longer excited about gifts, and have just become more reflective this time of year, and grateful to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Celebrating the New Year has also lost its glamor over the years, but I’m looking forward to 2022. Not in the typical sense, but more in the political sense. Election season will arrive in no time beginning with the August primaries, leading into a much-anticipated Republican red wave in November.

But Christmas is not the time to dig into politics. That’s more of a Thanksgiving dinner table discussion whether you want it to be or not.

So I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope you have the opportunity to spend it with loved ones and that your Christmas is filled with love, hope and blessings from God.

A special Merry Christmas to all those who can’t spend it with family, especially our brave men and women in our armed forces and our first responders. God bless you all.

I’ll end with a little musical offering, so make sure you sing along in your heads to the tune of Jingle Bells:

Dashing through Congress’ halls,

In a one horsepower electric car,

Off their meds they go,

Laughing from afar … ha ha ha

Drafting insane plans,

Plotting all the way,

Oh what fun it is to take,

All your freedoms away.

Oh, liberals lie, liberals lie

Liberals spread the fear.

Election time is almost here,

And they’ll be out on their ear.

Oh, election time, election time,

Trump’s campaign will soon begin,

Break out your MAGA hat,

America will be great again.

Merry Christmas and God bless you all.