We are a start up news and media site.. And that’s good for you!

As a start up, we may not have the traffic as some other outlets just yet, but we will certainly have the buzz!  People will be coming to the site to look around and see what it’s all about..  What content is here?  What does it look like?  And while they are doing all that, you will have the best advertising opportunity you could possibly have.  People’s eyes won’t be trained to look past or around advertising.  They may even be paying more attention to it!  

While we are in these early stages, we also recognize with all that great opportunity discussed above, you are also taking a chance.  It’s debatable whether any advertising opportunity is  risk free, but a new site may be more risky for someone to make a financial commitment.  We recognize this unknown may be greater than the amazing opportunity you have.  It’s in that light, we are going to start our advertising rates low and expectations high!

As much as we absolutely depend on advertising revenue to operate, we are determined to keep the site clean in design, easy to read, and not overcome by ads.  Too many ads is a bad experience and produces bad results.  So, ad space will be limited to only a max of 5 spots on any one page and less on many other pages.

Although the actual position of the ads will be limited, when they appear has a lot of flexibility – categories, pages, posts, browser, etc can all play a part in when your ad is displayed.  

The advertising rates are still being worked out, but in general, they are month to month.  You pick the spot, add any display variables such as a category, and that location will be yours for the month.  

Here are a couple examples:

1) You like the middle ad space on the home page.  You want it for the whole month.  You will owe $750 and it will be up 24/7 for the whole month.

2) You like the top ad space when you click on the categories- Small Business and Local.  You want it for the whole month.  Thats $500 per location ($500 top location on category Small Business and $500 top location on category Local) for a total of $1000 to have your ad displayed 24/7 for the entire month.

These prices may change.  But are here for now to give you an idea.  Monthly, full time, dedicated ad space is the most predicable and visible option.  It’s also the easiest to understand without all the CPM metrics, key word requirements that other common advertising contracts include.

More on all this to come!  If you have any questions, please fill out this form and we will be excited to talk to you about this great opportunity to advertise your business.

Sample Ad sizes
Size good for posts and categories.
Size good for posts and categories.
Size good for posts and categories.
Size good for posts and categories.
Size good for side panel
Size good for side panel