Stephen A. Smith laughs, Skip Bayless ‘heartsick’ after Cowboys’ divisional round loss to 49ers

Quick Bit: The former ESPN colleagues had contrasting reactions to yet another Cowboys postseason defeat.

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Back in their “First Take” days together, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless used to go back and forth about the Cowboys. Since the Cowboys never advanced past the divisional round during their time together, it was always Smith who had the last laugh.

The two might not be on the show together anymore, but Sunday’s divisional round matchup, which saw the Cowboys fall again to the 49ers, ended with Smith laughing and Bayless being outraged once more.

Smith, who remains the lead commentator on ESPN’s “First Take,” posted a video of himself to Twitter, laughing at Dallas’ latest postseason defeat.

“What did I tell y’all? Didn’t I say, ‘Just be patient.’ That’s all I asked. That’s all I asked,” Smith said. “All I asked was for y’all to be patient. It was coming. It was coming.”

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Smith proceeded to call out Michael Irvin, who had brought up Dallas’ high-powered offense during the show, and talked about all the successes the team had had in 2022. Smith recounted all of Irvin’s praise for the Cowboys, ending it with: “Well, what did you do tonight?”

Bayless, who has long been a supporter of the Cowboys, did not have anything to say, at least not on video. The video he posted was of him silently throwing a Dak Prescott jersey into the trash.

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Bayless did still get a mini-rant in online, posting several tweets calling out the 28 years since the Cowboys had been to the NFC championship game, praising Dallas’ defense, lamenting the loss and leveling more criticism at Prescott.

And while Smith said he couldn’t wait to appear on “First Take” on Monday, Bayless might not appear alongside Shannon Sharpe on their FS1 show, “Undisputed.”

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The Cowboys came into Sunday’s contest with lofty expectations after a standout regular season that saw them post one of the league’s best defenses by DVOA and boast an offense that scored the third-most points. Prescott had turned in arguably the best game of his career against the Buccaneers the week before, and Dallas was a win away from its first NFC championship appearance since winning the Super Bowl in 1995.

But it wasn’t to be. The 49ers’ defense shut down the Cowboys in the 19-12 defeat, with Prescott completing 23 of 37 passes for 206 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

“America’s Team” is one of the league’s most divisive, with Cowboy fans like Bayless gutted by — and Cowboys haters like Smith relishing — the yearly disappointments. Sunday’s reactions from the two give NFL viewers a quick snapshot of the contrasting sides.

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