Meet Denny Kellington, rest of Bills medical staff credited with saving Damar Hamlin’s life: ‘Really outstanding work’

Quick Bit: Doctors are crediting the Bills’ medical staff with saving Damar Hamlin’s life, and Denny Kellington has been singled out as one of the biggest heroes of the night.

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As positive updates on the condition of Bills safety Damar Hamlin continue to trickle in, we’re learning more about the efforts that helped save his life.

While it took an entire team of medical professionals from the Bills, Bengals, paramedics and the University of Cincinnati Medical Center to put Hamlin on the road to recovery, doctors from the hospital today singled out the Bills’ medical staff for its rapid response when Hamlin collapsed on the field Monday.

One member of the Bills’ medical staff has been singled out for his immediate action on Monday night: Denny Kellington. According to Bills players and Albert Breer of The MMQB, Kellington quickly administered CPR to Hamlin before he was loaded into the ambulance.

Here’s what you need you need to know about Kellington and the rest of the Bills medical staff that helped save Hamlin’s life in Cincinnati.

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Who is Denny Kellington?

Kellington is the Bills’ assistant athletic trainer. Before joining the Bills’ staff, he joined Syracuse football’s sports medicine staff in 2005 and served as the Orange’s head athletic trainer from 2011-2017.

Interestingly, Kellington worked under future Bills coach Doug Marrone during part of his tenure at Syracuse, and while the two never crossed paths in Buffalo, it speaks to the pipeline between two of the biggest brands in upstate New York.

Kellington’s swift action on Monday night to help save Hamlin’s life has been recognized throughout the football world as more details about the medical response come to light.

Bills offensive tackle Dion Dawkins made sure Kellington’s efforts don’t go unnoticed, saying in a tweet, “Let’s praise this name and person for reviving out brother Damar.”

Doctors from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center said Thursday that the quick actions of the Bills’ staff not only allowed Hamlin to survive, but have allowed him to avoid serious neurological damage.

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“The reason we’re talking about his neurological function is the immediate access to good CPR and good defibrillation,” doctors said Thursday, calling the effort by the Bills’ staff, “really, really outstanding work.”

Sunday’s matchup between the Bills and Patriots in Buffalo will undoubtedly include a mixture of emotions, and it’s safe to expect an outpouring of praise for Kellington and the rest of the Bills’ medical staff.

Who else is on the Bills medical staff?

While we don’t yet know all of the precise details from the moments following Hamlin’s collapse, it’s worth recognizing the key members of the Bills’ medical staff.

Nate Breske is the Bills’ head athletic trainer, while Tabani Richards is an assistant athletic trainer alongside Kellington. Leslie Bisson serves as the Bills’ medical director, while Mark Kim and Tom White are the team’s internists.

The Bills also have a group of strength and conditioning coaches, and we know the Bengals’ medical staff also played a significant role in making sure Hamlin got the attention he needed.

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The New York Times published audio Thursday from the immediate aftermath of Hamlin’s collapse, detailing just how quickly a plan went into action. While the medical personnel can’t be identified, one individual is heard saying, “I don’t like how he went down,” while another quickly says to “bring everybody” to Hamlin’s side.

The NFL has numerous medical personnel in place for each game, including an airway management physician who made a critical contribution to stabilizing Hamlin after he was resuscitated on Monday.

The Bills are the only team to win the Ed Block NFL Athletic Training Staff of the Year award twice in the last 15 years, but continued positive news about Hamlin’s recovery will mean far more.

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