Merry Nov. 8!!

Whoo hoo! We’re almost to the big day!

It’s been a long wait and a hard fought battle by so many of our fellow Patriots here in Manatee County, Florida and across the country.

I cannot wait to see the fruits of our labor and bathe in the sweet Red Wave to come, washing away this filthy blue mud we’ve been trapped in for two very expensive years.

I remain confident that will be the case despite the disturbing 36% in this country who still think Biden is doing a good job and trust the democrats to handle the economic crisis in America more than they do the Republicans.

What unholy hell-cave have these people been living in?

If I had to place a wager, I’d bet it’s the Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico. Not because it’s over 150 miles long and more than 1,600 feet deep.

Not even because it was a bat crap mining industry for a while around 1914.

Those two things alone would make sense that Lechuguilla Cave is where these clueless democrats are hiding. They probably hibernate and wake up every two years to come and vote and then return to the darkness.

No, the main reason this is probably the location is because the entrance is called Misery Hole. I mean, really. If that’s not something that would attract democrats, what would?

Don’t dismiss this theory too quickly. There are still dozens of miles of this cave that remain unexplored. I’m sure there is a large, open space somewhere at the end of this mine where these kinds of democrats gather to hibernate.

It’s probably the secret headquarters of the DNC. Bat crap and darkness. Yep, sums up the left pretty well if you ask me.

The scary part is that nationally there are still a significant number of clueless so-called Americans who believe that Biden is great, the economy isn’t his fault and that the border is secure.

The even scarier part is that there are still too many Senate races across the country that will remain blue while others are a 50-50 race.

It really shouldn’t be this close and is a good reminder that even after we celebrate a solid election night, there is so much more work to do.

But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. For now I’m looking forward to seeing how our local elections pan out.

I’m looking forward to the reelection of Gov. DeSantis, Rep. Buchanan and Sen. Marco Rubio.

I’m looking forward to Amanda Ballard unseating Reggie Bellamy for the Manatee County commission seat and turning that seat red.

I’m looking forward to Bill Sanders’ reaction when he gets crushed by Kurt Landefeld for Bradenton’s city council seat.

Haven’t talked to Bill in a really long time for obvious reasons, but I’m here to tell you that he’s sitting somewhere right now doing two things. One: He’s still conspiring against me and two: He believes he’ll win this race.

I know, right? Lol lol lol lol lol lol.

I’m hopeful that David Levin will unseat Marianne Barnebey in the other city council race, but the establishment remains committed to her reelection. I have stood alone in this particular race in endorsing Levin.

Some believe this race will be closer than what others believe. I tend to agree, but we’ll see what happens. I’ve made my arguments for Levin and I stand by them.

It’s the same reason I endorsed Sunshine Matthews over Kurt Mattingly in the Palmetto City Commission race. I am uncomfortable with any candidate who has too close of a tie to local government, and whose wallets – whether theirs or family members – are being filled by taxpayer dollars, to endorse them.

It doesn’t matter if I like Mattingly. It doesn’t matter if I think Barnebey is a wonderful person and community leader.

Do I ever think Barnebey would take advantage of the fact that her husband has past and present connections to Bradenton and Palmetto. No, I don’t.

I trust the Barnebey’s implicitly. They are good people.

But I still don’t like it and I would never support anyone where the possibility of the taxpayer’s trust is on the line and, more importantly, disturbs my comfort level.

I just get an “icky” feeling about supporting any candidate that could take advantage of the taxpayer, even if I believe they won’t.

Do I think Mattingly would do anything inappropriate given his ties to the Manatee County government? I really don’t know the guy that well and again, it leaves my comfort level unsettled.

Matthews doesn’t shake my comfort level whatsoever. She’s a solid community leader with a lot of political potential that will serve Palmetto well.

The biggest race I’m looking forward to – equally so, I should say, as the Ballard race – is Cindy Spray’s Nov. 8 victory over Harold Byrd Jr. in the school board race.

Conservative values will finally have a voice when Spray joins Richard Tatem and Chad Choate, giving our scandal-ridden district a Conservative majority in God only knows how long, if ever.

We’ve had a lot of “Conservative” pretenders in the past. We’ve had so many disappointments with this school board, which has led to so many disappointments with the district as a whole.

That can finally come to an end and Manatee County parents will be able to have their voices heard and hold accountable this corrupt district once and for all.

We’ve talked about scandal after scandal with this district. I’ve laid them out one by one and those are only the recent ones.

It’s no wonder our superintendent is talking about retirement. I’m sure that will come to fruition once this so-called nonpartisan board finally has a Conservative voice and slams the gavel of accountability on this district.

So yes, I keep saying I’m done discussing this election cycle. But I can’t help it. I’m excited. I’m all giddy inside.

Christmas Day is in just a few days and around 7 p.m. or so on Nov. 8, we will receive a lot of wonderful gifts that will lead to a better future in Manatee County.

We celebrate those local gifts first and then take a starry-eyed look at all the red lights lighting up America.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good Election Night.


By Mark Young

Mark Young is a U.S. Army veteran and a seasoned journalist of 25 years. His writing and reporting has garnered dozens of state press association and press club awards in Florida, Nebraska and Wyoming for investigative reporting, opinion writing, in-depth reporting and more.

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